Homeland Security, May I Earn a Living?

One of the things in play in the current wrangling over immigration reform is whether we will see the E-Verify work authorization program expanded nationwide and made mandatory. We’ve just put out a white paper summarizing “The 10 big Problems With E-Verify.”

Overall, E-Verify represents a move toward the creation of a “Mother may I” or “permission society” in the United States. In an attempt to stop the tiny percentage of those starting jobs in the United States each year who are unauthorized workers, E-Verify would force everyone to obtain affirmative permission from government bureaucracies before engaging in the core life functions of working and earning a living. That not only inverts the relationship between the individual and government, but will lead to a number of other serious problems, which we set forth in the paper.

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And the problem is? We have Military Veterans living under bridges, millions of homeless, kids going without food, homeless children, people unable to obtain basic healthcare, elderly in dire need of basically everything, disabled individuals who can't get help they need...... and you want to make the life for illegal aliens better? They are criminals, thieves, etc et al. They are a drain on this countries economy and besides breaking the law by being here to start with, many of them are blatant criminals enjoying the high life. I've personally seen them getting aid from either housing, food stamps, medical etc when that aid should be going to a legal resident of this country. My father came here and did it the right way and became a citizen. Then joined the military and risked his life in Vietnam and was in the military for 20 years. Making any of these illegal aliens citizens via amnesty or allowing them to take jobs from legal residents is an insult to those who came here and did the right thing. Yes, we are a melting pot and are not objecting to anyone who wants to come here doing so, but all of them should be made to apply for citizenship AND E-verify. Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor to their country.

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