SB 1070: The Fight Continues

For 19-year-old Hugo Carrillo Escobedo, SB1070 is about more than just “showing your papers.”  After “squealing” his tires, Hugo wound up in immigration detention for eight hours. Hugo’s story is particularly compelling because he was initially just given a citation for the traffic violation and immediately released.  But the police officer later showed up at his house, saying: “Do you know about SB1070? If I don’t report you, I could lose my job.” 

Unfortunately, unlawful, prolonged detentions will become rampant in Arizona if Section 2(b) of SB1070 is allowed to go into effect, as local police officers across the state will be required to act as de facto immigration agents.  And today, we are one step closer to that reality after Wednesday’s ruling from a federal judge in Phoenix.

The residents of Maricopa County already know this reality all too well. For the past five years, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has terrorized Latinos, launching a relentless campaign vilifying Mexicans and then using minor traffic stops – a cracked windshield or broken tail light -- as a legal cover to stop and interrogate them about their immigration status.  His practices amount to racial profiling for immigration enforcement, and that’s precisely the type of policing that SB1070 is modeled after. 

Although the court denied our request to block Section 2(b) from going into effect, the fight against SB1070 isn’t over by any means.  We plan to ramp up our litigation efforts to seek justice on behalf of all victims of racial profiling and illegal detentions. And we will continue to send a strong message to policymakers in other states that it’s un-American to target people like Hugo simply because of the color of their skin. 

It’s costly to force police officers like the one who detained Hugo to choose between keeping their jobs and subjecting people to pointless detention.   And, most importantly, it’s illegal under our Constitution to subject people to increased police scrutiny, questioning and detention based simply on their race or national origin.  If Section 2(b) goes into effect in 10 days, there’s no question that Latinos will be the number one target and we’ll be there to seek justice on their behalf. 

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I got stopped for squealing my tires and I'm lilly white retired military. I also had to show ID and insurance paperwork. If you got no insurance and drivers license because your illegal, what are you gonna do when they take you to jail, whine about racial profiling?


SO WE ALL UNDERSTAND, you are complaining about YOUR BREAKING THE LAW, then getting stopped by your local law enforcement. How do you expect them to know who to write the ticket to if you don't provide your drivers license and proof of insurance that is required for you to be a legal driver? If you don't like the laws that your community enacts, then vote to change them.
WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO ENDANGER OTHERS with your careless or reckless driving? Why would you post it on the ACLU web blog?


As a gay person, I've always supported civil rights for American citizens. Since when did ACLU lose the meaning in the name AMERICAN , and begin supporting illegal behavior and activities of foreign invaders? Every country has a right to, and DOES protect it's borders and expect every citizen to show appropiate I.D. when stopped for cause by law officers. I am so hugely dissappointed in ACLU - you no longer represent any American citizen's civil rights- the basic one being protection from invasion.


Am mexican and i know that not all mexicans are good but neither are white people aiqht so calm down we made arizona better ok get your shit straiqht fucken gayass.


I Thinkk Its Fair


We mexicans are to cool to get deported!


Listen...if you want to live in American then follow the rules of the laws. Americans have to. What makes immigrants think they are suppose to be treated special. Get a life. If you don't like it go back to MEXICO. If life was so easy there then that's where you should live. We Americans have to follow the rules and so do you. I'm so sick and tired hearing people yelling discrimination. I'm sick and tired of the ACLU and the other group supporting this sort of scrap. Where were they when I needed them. I wrote them regarding a problem, but I guess since I was a WHITE American women there were no such thing as me being discriminated. i NEVER received any response. I hope every state gets the SB1070 LAW. This is the United States of America if you don't like the way we do things over here then why did you come?????


ACLU you wanted a response. You accept things from the complainers, but you can't accept response. Shame on you. Why have the site if people can not express their feelings with whats going on in this country.


Get a life. If you can't follow the laws in America then this is not the place for you obviously. I think every state should adopt the SB1070 LAW. The illegal immigrants are making it bad for the legal immigrants. I don't think their very happy these days. These are good law abiding citizens who want to live a good life in the United States of America, and they are following the rules of the law just like the rest of the Americas. So learn from them and behave like human beings do. If the laws are too much then I suggest you go back to Mexico or where every you were before coming to the USA. tHANK YOU.....


I''m disappointed in ACLU. YOU have to draw a line somewhere. If the police have to enforce the law then so be it. Abiding by the law is not just for immigrants it's for everyone. If you abide by the law then you don't have to worry about being stopped by a police officer. I think the SB1070 LAW is great and I hope we get this is our state.


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