Trump’s Grandma Ban Is No More for Now

A federal judge in Hawaii stepped in on Thursday night to stop the Trump administration from enforcing its irrational interpretation of the Supreme Court’s order that allowed a limited part of the ban on individuals from six Muslim-majority countries to go into effect.

Judge Derrick Watson rejected the government’s effort to prevent grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and other close relatives of people in the United States from entering the country, describing the administration’s cramped view as the “antithesis of common sense.” He also directed the government to honor what has been clear from the day the Supreme Court issued its order: that thousands of refugees already have a bona fide relationship with U.S.-based resettlement organizations. This ruling will make an enormous practical difference for tens of thousands of families.

Two federal appeals courts have found that large portions of the current ban on refugees and nationals of six Muslim countries — “Muslim Ban 2.0” — were illegal. In the case brought by the ACLU and its partners, the Fourth Circuit concluded that the ban “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” On June 26, the Supreme Court granted review of both cases and will hold oral arguments in the fall. We remain confident that the justices will ultimately conclude that any version of the Muslim ban violates our fundamental values.

For now, Judge Watson’s sensible ruling properly tracks the Supreme Court’s strict limitations on the temporary ban before a final ruling is made on its constitutionality. The justices said that it could apply only to those who have “no connection to the United States at all” and could not bar anyone who can “credibly claim a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”

But the Trump administration disregarded the limits imposed by the Supreme Court’s ruling. The court specifically noted that a wife or mother-in-law would “clearly” qualify as a close family member. Yet the administration insisted against all reason that other similarly close relationships — a grandparent or aunt, for example — would not qualify. Judge Watson repudiated the government’s bizarre and arbitrary position, pointing out that “grandparents are the epitome of close family members.”

The government’s position on refugee resettlement agencies was no better. The Supreme Court said that the ban cannot be imposed on anyone who has a bona fide relationship with a U.S. entity. The court also explained that such a relationship is “formal, documented, and formed in the ordinary course, rather than for the purpose of evading” the ban. Yet the Trump administration arbitrarily said that some relationships with organizations do not count — specifically relationships with organizations that are preparing to resettle a particular individual or family in the United States. Judge Watson also rejected this made-up exception. These agencies have formal and documented relationships with the refugees for whom they rent apartments, arrange medical care, and prepare other services. As Judge Watson explained: “Bona fide does not get any more bona fide than that.”

The government has decided to appeal Thursday’s ruling and said it will take the issue directly to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the government has apparently taken the first steps toward imposing a possible indefinite ban against people from these or other countries. It is doing a “worldwide review” of which countries do not, in its view, provide sufficient information to screen their nationals for visas and other immigration documents. Under the terms of President Trump’s order, that “review” may end up in a permanent ban against these six, or perhaps other, countries.

For the moment, however, common sense has prevailed — at least for those with grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and nephews, brothers and sisters-in-law subject to the travel ban.

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Eli Samuel Goldman

Before we Incorporated Southern Texas Technologies was a business licensed in my name in Laredo TX under my SSN (before they removed SSNs from the lic system. There is a Tejano Musica y Reggae/Reggaton Studio name AR Estudios (Araceli y Raul) in Monterrey that changed names I setup. Another studio donated an analogue six foot long mixer to us from the 70s by an studio artist named Raul we used to call "Ragu" a la Laverne & Shirley because he acted like he was boss of all things...that was sold by Cynth as her first post on EBay.

Eli Samuel Goldman

When I was in Claremore I had many of my old certs still. I tried calling brainbench because I could no longer look up my certs and they told me they changed the system and certs expire in two years, which was outside their old rules and I should have been legally grandfathered in. I had about 80 certifications in IT and related areas in Vegas still from different organizations, and a half dozen maybe that I brought to Oklahoma that were setup to be lost by the show. I had medscape certs including post graduate CEUs and many others.

Eli Samuel Goldman

My ex wife and Cynths family as well as Dean Fox all can verify decades in various phases of the Tech Industry including being Chief Technician / Supervising Practical Engineer/Lead Employee Trainer for National Help Desk/Integrated Automation International

Eli Samuel Goldman

Both Cynth and I worked for non-profit oldest Training Facility in South Texas, Holding Institute until Cynth got into it with a secretary who they put in charge as temporary intrim boss over Cynths belief she was flirting with me.

Eli Samuel Goldman

My mother and I put out literature for Greenpeace in Santa Cruz, California when I was 9. I canvassed for a save the rainforest group in Sacramento CA for three weeks when I was 17. I caucassed for Barack Obama in his first Presidential run, and helped Cynth with Cuthbert Mac's Counselman Campaign for his district in Las Vegas, NV.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Anyway, I thought I'd tell the world some of what Trump's people consider my "looser" activity.

Sarah Elizabeth...

This article helped me to better understand the issues and also what is at stake. Work like this is vital! History is being made here! This is checks and balances in thrilling action! We are all scared but, damn, this is democracy in progress! Please keep holding Trump accountable in the federal courts, it keeps all of us freer. Thanks. :)

Eli Samuel Goldman

Most of what Trump has done is a violation of civil rights. Six fucking years that prick Trump has been using the show nomatter how much I protest and object to use me against my will to advertise a religion I don't believe in, using my world's to promote a religion I don't believe in, using my words and life to make music promoting a religion I don't believe in, and advertising religious organizations and churches in a religion I don't believe in. IM JEWISH, and the producers of the show and Donald Trump are Anti-Semitic freedom of Religion-and-human-rights-rapists! They don't use me to promote the religion I DO believe in...oh, no. But they force advertising and use me ignoring my protest and against my will to promote a religion I most definitely do NOT believe in; Christianity. And the more I object, the more they find ways to LITTERALLY force Christianity down my throat and use me to promote his Christian Nation hate and exclusionary agenda. And the more I object the more he has the show portray me as anti-christian till people abused me for being anti-christian (which I wasn't). I've actually started to absolutely hate Christians because of it. So I ask the world to use Trump his family and various people who work for Disney Corporation to promote other religions world-wide. Please use Trump's words to make pro-muslim songs, to make pro-jewish song, to make songs that promote Sikh faith, and Buddhism, and other religions. Use Trump and his family's words, likeness, and life to promote religions other than Christian for the rest of their lives, WORLD-WIDE! Please use the likenesses and words of everyone celebrity works for Disney Corporation and Disney images and cartoons and songs to promote non-Christian beliefs, temples, mosques, and organizations (against their will) World Wide. If they can force it on me against my will and ignoring my objections for years then it must be OK. And any time any celebrity of Fox Network, Disney Corporation, or a Member of Trump's family or cabinet objects, they are obviously someone who must hate people of the faith and religion promoted. So I want worldwide publication and media to publish stories of how they showed such hate and disdain for people of that faith! Additionally, since they keep forcing foods against my religion and disability after starving me to try to prove I'm not disabled or Jewish. I think Trump and his family are muslim hating Muslims and I think it's time we publish articles showing the world all the Muslim traits Trump is exhibiting. I say he's a Mexican hating Mexican too. I've seen him eat a burrito. And we all know that's a traditional Mexican food. So he must be lying about his Scottish ancestry.

Eli Samuel Goldman

There is substantial evidence Donald J. Trump converted to Muslim faith many years ago and hides it due to his non-standard-islamic views that tend to be quite a bit more extremist than most more peace-loving of the Muslim faith. Sources think Donald J. Trump hides his Muslim faith and heritage of pro-extremist activity because he has always secretly supported the more radical Muslims that most mainstream Muslims find too violent and literal fundamentalist.

Eli Samuel Goldman

Donald J. Trump has always had many close-friends in non-mainstream-muslim pro-jihadist groups. Word has been around for years that he has been a frequent donor of everything from financing (through unmarked offshore accounts) to weapons and supplies to islamic extremist groups. Many mainstream Muslims are deeply concerned with the way his extremist posts, alliances, aid, and posts of encouragement on jihadist websites have destroyed the peace and encouraged hate in their country and abroad. Many extremist group experts have noted Donald J. Trump has had a strong following among known terrorisr organizations for at least ten years. This explains why he insisted on trading American weapons with certain arabic leaders.


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