The World Will Be Watching as Muslim Ban 2.0 Goes to Court

Monday marks a critical next stage in the legal battle against President Trump’s Muslim Ban executive order. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Richmond, Virginia, will hear legal arguments in a case, International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump, brought by the ACLU and National Immigration Law Center (NILC). This will be the first argument in front of a court of appeals, which reviews orders from trial courts, addressing the revised executive order (also known as Muslim Ban 2.0). The stakes are enormous — for the plaintiffs, for Muslim and immigrant communities around the country, and for vital constitutional principles.

A quick refresher on where things stand: The president rolled out the original Muslim Ban 1.0 on January 27. The impact was immediate and devastating, as families across the country were separated from their loved ones and thousands of people flooded the airports with messages of protest and welcome. The courts quickly stepped in and blocked the ban, starting with a case filed by the ACLU and our partner organizations — NILC, the International Refugee Assistance Project, and the Worker & Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic.

When the Ninth Circuit refused to let Muslim Ban 1.0 go back into effect, the administration retreated. Eventually, it issued the current version of the ban, which eliminated some egregious aspects of the original but left in place the same fundamental defects. It was, as we noted, still an unconstitutional attempt to make good on the president’s promises to establish a ban on Muslims. The courts agreed. Before Muslim Ban 2.0 could go into effect, trial courts in Maryland and Hawaii again blocked key provisions — upholding, as the Maryland court explained, the “fundamental constitutional principle” of religious neutrality “at the core of our Nation’s identity.”

But the cases are not over. The government has appealed both orders, and the first appellate argument about Muslim Ban 2.0 is happening on Monday afternoon. In a move reflecting the extraordinary importance of the case, the full Fourth Circuit — 15 judges, if none recuse themselves — decided to hear arguments and ask questions. A panel of judges in the Ninth Circuit will do the same a week later in the Hawaii case.

Each court will then have a choice. The government will ask them to look away from the extraordinary evidence, including many statements from the president and his aides, that the order is an attempt to make good on the president’s promised Muslim ban. The plaintiffs will urge each court to refuse — as the court in Hawaii put it — to “crawl into a corner, pull the shutters closed, and pretend it has not seen what it has.” Because these appeals courts have the power to block or allow the Muslim ban, the path they choose may determine its fate. The country and the world will be watching.

The Fourth Circuit argument takes place 2:30 p.m., Monday, May 8, at 1100 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia, and will be live streamed.

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Chez Whitey

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Good afternoon, Mr. Stupid. While I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm, your language skills are sadly lacking and negatively impact the credibility of your, er, response. I have taken the liberty of translating your rant into proper English, so as to provide you with an example of how intelligent people convey their ideas.

"All of you who believe in the ACLU and the term "Muslim ban"—which is offensive to even Muslim people—are completely inept at stating anything related to actual real-world problems. Your hypersensitivity to words is downright childlike, and you are filthy lying pigs who will say anything to fit your narrative.

You create problems, not solve them. You create an aura of "you can fight the man" while you blast people with this bull***t. Find a hobby, take some time off to reflect, hit the beach; but for God's sake stop and kill yourselves first, so as not to pollute the world with your thoughts. I'm a deranged, illiterate garbage-monster who could be replaced by a poorly programmed chatbot without any of my closest associates noticing the slightest difference."

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You will have to excuse my small, liberal brain as I am completely unaware of who "the man" is and who claims to be fighting him? The ACLU itself is an organization that ensures all citizens are represented fairly and entitled to their Constitutional civil liberties. If, by man, you are referring to the democratically elected government of our Republic, which is comprised of both men and women who were born private citizens with *equal rights, you are also inherently alluding to a platform of executive leadership comprised of individuals included in those who benefit from the ACLU's work. No one has any intent of fighting each other, but rather fortifying our founding principles... all of which are typically celebrated


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