Infographic: The Facts About Voter Suppression

The right to vote is under attack. In response to record voter turnout in 2008, we've seen an uptick in state legislation aimed to suppress the vote.

Voter suppression measures have been introduced in more than 20 states, and recently passed in critical swing states like Virginia, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. All of these suppression measures — from voter ID laws, restrictions in voter registration and cuts to early voting — make it harder for African-American, low-income, elderly and other minority voters to cast a ballot.

Check out these infographics and learn more about how the attack on the right to vote disproportionately impacts minority voters.

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Terry Lucas

This is all well and good but UNTIL something is done to address the blatant voter FRAUD going on in this country we will get no where. What is the ACLU DOING about the voter fraud. Maryland has voting machines that have NO paper trail and NO way to know if they have been tampered about if a RECOUNT is needed??? If I cant trust the machines why would I trust the RECOUNT!!!
It IMPACTS EVERYONE, even those of the ACLU!!!

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