ACLU LGBT Project Director Matt Coles on Why Tell 3 Matters

A few weeks ago at the ACLU LGBT Project’s annual attorney reception and fundraiser, director Matt Coles talked about how we can’t just fight in the courts to stop discrimination against LGBT people. Instead, Matt argues, we have to convince America — one conversation at a time — that LGBT people deserve full equality.

Listen to an audio recording of Matt’s presentation:

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Visit Tell 3 to learn more about how you can start working towards equality today by having conversations with your close friends and relatives about what it’s really like to be LGBT.

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I would like to contact Matt Coles or anyone who may be of some help. I am uncomfortable with putting information on the internet because my computer has been hacked by Oklahoma Attorneys. I am a gay male. My father passed away leaving me everything in his Will. I am a joint tenant on our home and other properties. The day after father passed Attorneys got a restraining order and I cannot go into our home.


While I believe ALL humans should be treated with respect and dignity, I will not denounce my christian principles by saying those in the LGBT community were born that way or that their sexual preference was given by God. Absolute moral truths exist, and those truths are found in the Holy Bible. I would urge my brothers and sisters in Christ to also tell 3. Tell 3 that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Upset American

Everyone needs to stand up to the ACLU !!! They try to tear down a Vet Memoral!!! Shame on you ACLU.. We real americans see you for who you are!!


Wow, even when the people of California voted and said they didnt want it you still have to push it. YOU LOST!! AMERICANS DO NOT WANT GAY MARRAIGES!! What do we have to do to get it through to you?


From my reading of the bible if Jesus came back you would much more likely to find him eating with gays than listening to hateful tirades in a fundementalist church.


Upset American...Please give us more information so that we can fact check. do you explain all of the states who have legalized marriage or civil unions? Perhaps an ever increasing number of Americans are realizing that all Americans have the same, basic rights.


Paen, read Matthew 24 and Revelation 19 if you want to see what happens when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to this earth. I just pray you're for Him and not against Him when the time comes. Jesus loves you!!


roald, because the gays have scarred the common American to death. They are a bunch of bullies and to be honest I try everyday to let people know that they shouldnt be afraid of being sued by gay lawyers and the Aclu. The tactics of the gay right movement is very scary. If you dont beleive what they believe is right than they will try anything they can to make you look like you are the worst person on the planet. Most Americans dont want to be labeled "the worst person on the planet" in court.


Rob, the gay bullies are not allowed to know how a person votes, so how can they bully a voter? The bullies will, of course, win when they sue someone in violation of city ordinances or state or federal law to be treated the same as anyone else.


Steve sugest you read the parts of the bible where Jesus speaks of hipocrits and the self riteous.


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