Arkansas Passes Ban on Same-Sex Couples Adopting Children

Tonight voters in Arkansas approved an initiative that bans anyone who lives with a partner he or she is not married to from fostering or adopting children in the state. While the proponents of the initiative made no bones about the fact that this initiative was targeted at lesbian and gay couples, it is the many children in the state’s foster care system who will be hurt the most by this initiative. At any given time, there are 450 - 500 Arkansas children who need adoptive homes. This initiative only serves to limit the already limited pool of parents willing to foster and adopt. Initiated Act 1 affects both straight and gay families and offers no exceptions whatsoever — it doesn’t matter whether the prospective parent is a blood relative, is the person the child’s biological parents want to raise their child, or is best-qualified to handle a special-needs child.

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Matt Savage

This is not an issue of politics, it is an issue of human rights. Those who support this bill claim to be preserving the ideals of a family, but how can that be true when they are denying a child the right to be part of a loving a protecting home? It is a sad fact that on a night when America has seen so much progression, where an african american and woman were both on the ballot to hold an office in the highest position in the land, that we also had to bear witness to continued discrimination and hate bred by our ignorance. There is more that needs to be done, and I pray that those leaders we have chosen will take the steps necessary, with courage and hope, to bring this great nation into a time of great progress; not simply economically, or technologically, but also socially and morally as well. That we can truly learn what it means to be one nation, and one people, indivisible, and undivided in solidarity and compassion. That is my dream. One that I hope will soon become reality.

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