Battleground New York

They lost in Vermont. They lost in Maine. They even lost in Iowa.

And now the anti-marriage zealots are coming into New York’s backyard. Last week the National Organization for Marriage made it clear that the Empire State is the new battleground in their war against equality.

But we will meet them with love. We will meet them with families. We will meet them with commitment. We will meet them with a belief in fairness, equality, justice and the values that this national was founded on.

Watch this video and meet the real people and loving relationships behind the fight for marriage fairness in New York State:

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Visit to stand up for fairness, to stand up for justice and to stand up for love. Tell your representatives that New Yorkers value all families.

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liberal hater

Are you kidding me? Your bragging about three states that allow gay marriage.

Let's revise your article so that the people will know how many times you liberals have been defeated.

They (PRO-GAY MARRIAGE CROWD) were defeated in Tennessee, Texas, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, CALIFORNIA, North Dakota, South Dakota, Louisiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska. Well you get the point.

When the people of the country get to vote on this issue they have said in all 30 states NO TO GAY MARRIAGE. Yes that's right we are 30 for 30 and you guys are 0 for 30 when the people vote, even in a liberal state like California. So I wouldn't brag about 3 victories brought on by liberal judicial activism.


It wasn't broke in the first place, why fix it? Keep marriage between a man and a woman. That is how God ordained it, THAT is how it should stay. This will open up a Pandora's box where as everyone and anyone will be able to "marry" whatever they please.


Liberal Hater is thrilled that the pitchfork mob prevailed in 30 states, and Steve wants to define what is God's will and then impose it on the rest of us.

If your freedom of expression or religion were threatened, you would be begging for help at the door of the ACLU, but you don't like gay people and want us to remain second class citizens.

Your hypocrisy makes me want to vomit.


I support equal rights for all New Yorkers, regardless of sexual orientation. My friends in committed relationships shouldn't be denied the legal benefits of marriage because they happen to have the same genitalia. As for all the "God ordained it" arguments, one of the beautiful things about our wonderful country is how government cannot impose religion or religious beliefs on us; your religion might not approve of same-sex marriage, but my faith beliefs are just fine with it.

Keep on fighting the good fight, ACLU!


Thank you for these videos, Jennifer. The stories are powerful and important. My wife and I know that our marriage is stronger when ALL of our friends and family can marry the people they love.

To Steve and liberal_hater, stick with it. Keep reading these posts and hearing these stories. It'll break through someday.

And please, please explain to me how Mia, Matteo, Jane, and Jacob (Jean and Susan's kids) are better off when the government tells them their moms' love is worth less than the love of their friends' parents? How is New York better when we tell some people they are "less than"? How are families stronger when we diminish and degrade Jean and Susan's loving, enduring bond?

As the campaign slogan says, "It's about family" Plain and simple. Thanks, NYCLU.


Very well put, Jennifer, and great choice of video. This lovely family makes a wonderful example for your post, and it's unfortunate people like liberal hater and Steve can't seem to bracket their own hatred for a moment and actually consider what you have to say. Keep up the good work.


Steve, marriage may not have been "broke" for you, but it has been for many people for many years.

Vermont, Maine, Iowa: this year. We are talking about an important turning point toward fairness and equality. What happened 2, 4 or 8 years ago is not as important as what is happening now. And now you are losing, the ground is shifting under your feet. Injustice may last a very long time, but it does not last forever.


Steve, it IS broke. That is the problem.

If God only wants to bless heterosexual marriages that is up to God. This isn't about religious freedom, it is about civil rights.


Keep on rocking in the free world until every person is free to love!

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall - think of it, always." Gandhi


God ordained it? Well she hasn't said a word about it to me. My belief is that she made me this way for a reason. Do you not trust that she knows what she's doing, think you know better? Really?


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