Celebrating Pride in Florida

The ACLU's nationwide network of affiliates allows us to advocate on behalf of LGBT people in all 50 states. Together we work for fairness and equality at the local, state and federal levels, effecting change in the courts and legislatures, and bringing the LGBT community together with other social change movements to achieve a just society for all.

The ACLU of Floridacelebrated LGBT Pride in Ft. Lauderdale.




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If gays and lesbians want to be equal why is it that as time goes by it seems that They want more specialized rights above and beyond all other rights of every other person?


Oh, like the right to not get fired from your job unless you deserve it or the right to have a school club like other kids or the right to have access to your children in divorce and custody cases or the right to be with your partner when he's dying in the hospital? What "special" rights that other people don't get do you mean, William?

Pete B in Ca

I just dont understand why its so important for homosexuals to marry, or have a "family". Why is it that they are trying to create the illusion of something that is natural by trying to force their way into an institution that since the begining of time has been a man and a woman. Two persons of the same sex cannot reproduce without the help of science or a surrogate. Why is it that we should turn our backs on our beliefs to allow them the illusion of a natural relationship? If they want to get married and have children then they should find a partner of the opposite sex, not try to redefine the institutions that our society is based upon.

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