This Kentucky Prison Is Censoring Books and Magazines That ‘Promote Homosexuality’ Because Prisoners Who Read About Gay People May Become Gay Themselves

It’s 2016, but the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex didn’t get the memo.   

The minimum and medium security prison in West Liberty, Kentucky has a mail policy that prohibits prisoners from receiving books and magazines that “promote homosexuality” — whatever the prison thinks that means. In just a four-month period in 2015, EKCC used the policy 13 different times to confiscate mail including letters, cards, “pages out of book,” and magazines like Out and The Advocate.


The mail policy is based on the dubious notion that gay prisoners pose a security threat simply for being who they are and the equally absurd idea that reading about gay people will somehow make you gay. Of course, gay people are no more likely to pose a threat than anyone else. And reading articles about gay celebrities and news doesn’t make anyone gay, any more than it makes anyone heterosexual to read articles in People about Beyoncé and Jay-Z. As our country’s understanding of what it means to be gay has evolved, the idea that keeping gay-related publications out of prisons will prevent gay prisoners from existing is ludicrous. Even the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that being gay is an immutable part of who a person is.

Unfortunately, the assumption underpinning EKCC’s mail policy — that gay people are inherently dangerous — is one that permeates law enforcement and correctional agencies. Gay and transgender people, particularly people of color, are all too familiar with being profiled as criminals while going about their daily lives

The persistent profiling of gay communities stands in stark contrast to our country’s incredible progress toward LGBT equality in so many areas. Gay people now have the freedom to marry in all 50 states and can serve openly in the military. But that progress is marred by government policies and practices that single out gay people as inferior and even criminal.

That’s why today the ACLU sent a letter demanding that EKCC end its policy of censoring mail that “promotes homosexuality.” The policy is a clear violation of the free speech rights of prisoners — both gay and heterosexual — who are interested in reading about gay popular culture and politics. And it offends the equal dignity of LGBT people to target gay-related publications for unequal treatment.

It’s time for the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex to step into the 21st century.  

CORRECTION: The original post stated that Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex was located in East Liberty, Kentucky. It is located in West Liberty, Kentucky. The text has been corrected. 

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Damien McLeod

Damned right.


It doesn't matter what year it is or even if 5 liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices sanctioned perversion aka homosexuality it is still wrong,unnatural, sick and disgusting and there will always be a remnant of real patriotic, God fearing citizens who will stand up for what is right and decent. The ACLU threatens anyone with a lawsuit who doesn't accept homosexuality. Maybe they didn't get the memo. You know the one about freedom. Also the one about religious freedom. come on ACLU and all its a liberal allies and read the Constitution and see that we do not have to bow downto the radical left-wing homosexual Lobby.

big fat dyke

If we interpret the Bible in opposite ways what makes your way right? In my interpretation the Bible condemns homosexual lust, not homosexual LOVE between two monogamous and committed individuals. I've never seen two heterosexual people love each other the way my wife and I do so how can that be wrong? Why did God make me if I was just going to disgust him? Don't try to play the "lifestyle choice" card either. I would much rather live a lifestyle where I don't have to constantly look over my shoulder for hate filled mongrels like you. That said, I've been attracted to women for as long as I can remember. Never men. You should try teaching your beliefs through love instead of hate. For the record Jesus said "he who is free of all sins may cast the first stone." Either you're a saint or you just pick and choose what scriptures to live by. I'm guessing the you just pick and choose. Why don't Christians teach that all sins are equal?


You have a warped sense of what freedom is in actuality.


Methinks you have misinterpreted my book and are projecting. Seek therapy for your sinful thinking, Hate is the work of the Devil, not me. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Notice I did not say except for gays. Also, go back to school,to learn your basic vocabulary words. Clearly you don't understand the meaning of the word freedom.

James F. Murphy Sr.

I'm not afraid to use my real name! Freedom is what these Fake Christians are misusing. You need to learn the Constitution. Reading it doesn't mean a thing if you don't understand it!!!


You do not get to decide nature for the rest of us. We will have our rights whether you like it or not. This isn’t about us making you accept homosexuality. This is about us stopping you from VIOLATING the rights of people you do not like.

Hate gay people all you want. But the moment you violate their rights, WE WILL FIGHT BACK.

Mark my words.


Religion is poison, which is why out Founders were such staunch supporters of freedom of religion. They understood that one day, however far in the future, religious fanatics would implode under the weight of their own backward hatred and prejudices. (George Washington, in particular, understood this.) It's fun to watch people like you spin out of control because the rest of us won't bow to your crazy mythologies.


I have to chuckle every time someone claims homosexuality is "unnatural". Nature doesn't think so. In fact, Nature has some very creative sexual expressions.

As to "God-fearing", well IF you actually are "God-fearing" best read the many passages where you are instructed to "love thy neighbor as thyself"

Anonymous is a ...

Wake. The fuck. Up.


Stay Informed