Discrimination Under the Guise of ‘Religious Freedom’ Is Still Discrimination, President Trump

Following press reports that the White House was considering issuing an executive order that would roll back and undermine nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people, the administration made clear that President Trump would not repeal a landmark executive order signed by President Obama in 2014 that prohibits businesses that contract with the federal government from discriminating against LGBT people.

But this is only part of the story.

President Trump has surrounded himself with a vice president and cabinet members who have repeatedly sought to sanction discrimination against LGBT people and women in the name of religion, and nothing in the White House’s statement makes clear that these efforts are now behind us. During the campaign, Trump pledged to sign into law the so-called “First Amendment Defense Act,” the most sweeping, anti-LGBT bill in Congress. In addition, Trump transition officials reportedly gave private “assurances” to a member of Congress who was trying to attach an anti-LGBT religious exemption to the defense bill that the new administration would address the issue early in 2017. Needless to say, there remain significant concerns about what the Trump administration may be planning.

Religious freedom is a core American value that we cherish and defend,  one that is protected in the Constitution. We all have the freedom of belief regarding God and religion, including the freedom to act on those beliefs. But freedom of religion doesn’t give any of us the right to discriminate against other people. 

Any executive order that would sanction discrimination under the guise of “religious freedom” would be seen for exactly what it is: a direct assault on the rights and dignity of LGBT people and women. The ACLU has a message for President Trump: You cannot authorize discrimination by executive fiat. We won’t stand for it. Not now. Not ever.

If the administration continues to pursue policies that are unlawful and unconstitutional, the ACLU is prepared to continue to take them to court to protect the civil rights and civil liberties of everyone in this country.

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Sassy Kween

Your feedback is so 'valuable.' You are obviously someone who really examines 'the facts.' 'God' bless you. THOTs and prayers!

Someone who can...



Thank you for your contribution to an organization that will uphold the rights of all American citizens.
I would also recommend you praying for Trump for him to hear what Jesus said about immigrants, and you should also do a little reading yourself on the Bible. Trump has already cemented his place in a fiery hell, so praying for him is pretty pointless.
Thanks again for your contributions!!


Right. Because God is so please with a person He allowed 70 years of life and who does NOTHING AT ALL BUT COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE WORLD. When has he ever thanked God for anything, he doesn't even believe in God, only himself and he never does anything with twice the life my daughter's dad was granted by dying on September 11 at 29 years old except freakin' bitch, moan and complain. You could give the man every single thing he ever wanted and he'd find something WRONG with it. It's madly annoying to someone who had to watch while the happiest person in her life died at 29 even though he was almost always grateful to have be forced to endure HIS grumping, grousing ass.
If there was a KIND God He'd decide that someone like that had used up his time on earth and was time for him to be called home. But no, we have to be burdened with all his whiny-ass complaints and poor-me syndrome. Every. Day. For. Four. YEARS. It's enough to make you want to vomit every day.


I agree the ACLU is a garbage organization. They will only take cases that support their leftist agenda: If a liberal administration violates your constitutional rights the ACLU will not help you. I tried to get their help. Obama's ACA rendered my $200, 17 year old med insurance illegal because it did not cover female contraceptives, which I don't need (I'm male). I earned under the poverty level when my insurance was taken away and subsidies do not extend to ppl under that income level, so I was forced to make a choice to pay $1000, which was impossible to afford for ACA insurance or go on Medicaid. ACLU refused to help me even though the ACA is unconstitutional as it applies to my case: One cannot go on Medicaid without losing their right to privacy, as ones medical details must be released to the government for the bills to be paid.

Mike Schmidt

Personal attacks how? Non-objective reporting how? Distorting facts in what way? Sorry, these are hollow accusations without any examples of what you are talking about.


You may pray for him, but to no effect, as he has already reserved a spot in the 8th Circle of Hell (Malebolge), in fact, he reserved 5 of them: in Bolgia 1 (panderers), Bolgia 5 (barrators), Bolgia 6 (hypocrites), Bolgia 8 (counsellors of fraud), and Bolgia 9 (sowers of discord). In reserving so many spots, he earned one in the 4th Circle (the circle for the greedy). Come to think of it, he also has reserved a spot in the 9th circle (for the treacherous), specifically, a spot in Round 2 (Antenora, the round of those who betrayed their country)

Ruby blu

Anon- good bye. Those of us who understand what is at stake are staying put so that people like you, if you're even a real person and not some 14 year old in your mama's basement, will still have civil liberties when this illegitimate administration is through with its childish destruction.

CB in CA

The ACLU is a wonderful organization that fights the good fight. Worship and believe whatever you want, Anonymous... just don't enforce your beliefs on others. The law is the law, and when the law is being trampled on, I'm grateful that the ACLU is there to stand up to those who'd undo the progress that his predecessors fought so hard for. Pray for Trump. Pray for Wisdom, Courage, and Strength to do the right thing. If he fails, we fail. That being said, he doesn't have absolute power and will need to be put in place when he oversteps his authority.


Fools all of you are blind! The ACLU is just another way for the Galactic Republic to spread it's lies and propaganda! Wake up! The Sith may have their problems sure but they're damn better then those Jedi SCUM. Do non of you remember what happened after the first great schism! The Sith were slaughtered on mass because of the republics need for bloodthirsty revenge! They defend a corrupt system that heavily taxes the poor and downtrodden for their own personal gain!


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