Florida Passes Gay Marriage Ban

Tonight voters in Florida approved an amendment to the state constitution that bars lesbian and gay couples from marriage. This is obviously very disappointing to the many lesbian and gay couples in the state who form lasting commitments just like straight couples and need legal protections for their families. This struggle is far from over. Over the past year, we have seen high courts in California and Connecticut join Massachusetts in ruling that it is unconstitutional to bar lesbian and gay couples from marriage. Even though there is an initiative on the ballot in California that could undo the court’s decision there, public opinion is changing and Americans are beginning to realize that it is unfair to treat same-sex couples as legal strangers. To learn what you can do to fight for relationship protections for lesbian and gay couples, visit www.aclu.org/getequal.

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That puts some lemon in my ice cream

Chris Cat

As we celebrate the election of the first african american president to the united states of america many of us americans must stop and think about how we were placed as second class citizens in this "progressive" country. How a state that amazingly went for Obama adopt a constitutional amendment that not just discriminates agains gays and lesbians but heterosexual civil unions across the state. I cannot say I am proud of Florida at this historic moment nor states across the country that have adopted provisions to keep the GLBT community as secondary.

Roger D.

The emphasis of Amendment 2 focuses too much on gay and lesbian marriage. The biggest issue in the wording is " no other legal unions treated as marriage or equivalent shall be valid or recognized". Today I feel like Florida has taken my rights away. They do not recognize seperation of church (the word marriage)and state (union). Florida seems to have become one of the most non-tolerant states in the union. After living here all my life, I feel I must leave. What happened?


What I find disappointing about the gay marriage ban is that most people did not read the additional language written into the amendment. This may have an impact on other types of unions, including common law. What they could have done was written an amendment simply stating to whom Florida State Marriage Licenses can be sold.


When churches fund political bans on marriage, such as in Florida and Ca., is no legal recourse? Why, is it that I pay real estate taxes and income tax, and cannot marry, but the church does not pay any taxes, and can decide my future and happiness. I would like to
ask the ACLU to help in this fight.


We should have an amendment on the next election, that states:

"Churches and religious groups that financialy support any ballot amendments
will lose their tax free status, both in real estate, and income that does not go to charity."


This is a clear violation of the US Constitution, so what can we do to fight this? Tell me! I want to help!

Jason B

Roger D, you should understand what seperation of church and state is about before you start throwing that arguement out. Separation of church and state is a political and legal doctrine that government and religious institutions are to be kept separate and independent from each other. Which means that the government cannot force anyone, under the penalty of law to be religous. Further explination for you, you can't go to jail for not going to church. it has nothing to do with Gay rights, praying in school, or displaying the Ten commandments on government property. People twist the wording on this law to their benefit whenever they get upset about what most of the population of the Uniteds States thinks of as ethical or moral soes not fall in line with their minority share of opinions. I for one am excited that people are standing for their morals through the democratic process. If you don't like it you have two choices, move as you stated, or get more people to share your views. But don't twist the Constitution because you don't share the popular opinions of your state or nation.

Ben Gines

As an individual, I do not necessarily believe in marriage: period. For anyone. I do not believe that a single piece of paper should make me feel any more married than I already am. It's been 13 years!

However, as a gay male, I realize that the reality is far different from the Utopian ideal that exists in my mind and in my heart. Others will not, and do not, believe as I do.

And yet, I still want the option to get married, if my partner and I so choose.

This is why I believe that we should mount a nationwide plan. I realize this would be difficult, but I believe it is possible with some help, determination, focus, and a plan.

First, a representative for each state should be assigned to GLBT organizations aross the country to unify and organize in protest. Once that person is chosen, they can work with community leaders to help with mounting this national protest.

The media should be contacted, both locally and nationally; newspapers, radio and other media sources. With help from the ACLU and the Human Rights Organization, we can choose a day or two and simply call in sick from our jobs. However, not to stay home, but to come together and rally for change and demand Equal Rights and Civil Liberties; to demand we not be treated like second-class citizens.

We should also make attempts to simply the jargon posted in Ballots; something in plain English that we ALL can understand. A simply yes or no answer: Should same sex couples have the same legal rights as opposite sex couples? Yes or No? Fill in the blank.

If we all pull our heads out from out of wherever we have them stuck, get involved a little and actually try and DO something about things that affect us, we might actually get something done.

Attitudes are changing, but we also have to do our part.

The way the ballot was written also did NOT help matters any. None of the amendments did what with the double and, sometimes, triple negative statements.


Have you looked up the definition of marriage? "The act by which two people become husband and wife." husband=male and wife=female

The approval of Prop 8 in California is saying that they accept that definition and reject rewriting it into something else. No one’s civil rights have been taken away; instead, special rights have not been awarded.

I hear complaints against the Mormons and Catholics - do you honestly know of any religions (I'm not talking about isolated individuals or sects within a religion) that approve of homosexual unions? Do the Muslims? The Jews? Why? Homosexuality will eventually destroy a nation. It is a death culture no matter how you dress it up.

Homosexuality is a choice made by broken and confused people. It is this brokenness we are seeing in the abnormal violent attacks (verbal and physical) against those who believe in the traditional definition of marriage. I believe it's that violent expression that has caused weak minded people (i.e. psychiatrists and philosophers) to believe that homosexuality is normal – therefore “they must have been born that way”. This is a lie.

Because a boy is different than most -tenderhearted and artistic - he often is treated different- put that child in a home that makes him feel that he's defective - conditions are ripe for an identity crisis. That's only one of many different stories - sexual abuse and shame, abandonment, loneliness, etc...

Do you find yourself being filled with rage at my words? That brings me to another component - there are spiritual enemies of God whispering in our ears (all of us) - these are not our friend - but seek to destroy us. It is their intention to rob you of a true intimacy. The intimacy possible between a man and a woman can't be imitated. But even at its best, it's meant to be an object lesson about another intimacy. An intimacy with God. God's enemies would have you believe that he has forsaken you or that he doesn't even exist. Actually it's believing and trusting in God that is the very thing your heart and soul are longing for. A saying goes, "Jesus is the answer". That's true in a multitude of ways. If you want to know God, Jesus is the answer. If you can't forgive or forget, Jesus is the answer. If you can't stop doing the thing you hate, Jesus is the answer. Ask him for help. He's been appointed as the door, the gate, to God.


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