Freedom Alert: We're Losing California Marriage

The right of gay couples to marry in California will be lost on Election Day if current polling trends continue. Please watch this urgent message from Matt Coles, director of the ACLU LGBT Project, and forward widely.

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What happened? The opposition mounted a $30 million TV advertising blitz that was able to define the issue before we could. The right to marry in California will be decided by a small group of "movable" voters who don't necessarily like the idea of same-sex marriage but aren't sure whether they want to discriminate, either. The only way to effectively reach these voters is through massive TV ad buys. We are behind by some $10 million, and now we are behind in the polls.Those who want to eliminate the fundamental right to marry easily raised their $30 million through a nationwide appeal. They know that as California goes, so does the rest of the country. That's why an all-out mobilization is happening to stop marriage in California. Meanwhile, many of us who believe marriage is a fundamental right have been complacent. Early polls showing we were ahead made us think Californians would do the right thing and vote no on this discriminatory Constitutional amendment.It is important that gay couples, their friends, family and civil libertarians in every part of the country come to California's aid right now. If the right to marry can stand in California, it will pave the way for marriage in more states. But if we lose in California, the tide will turn against us. Please, do this for the sake of freedom. Go to to help, or make a gift here.

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That Newsom soundbite has certainly become part of the lexicon, hasn't it?


Please help us. We Californians who believe in civil rights are not a match for an entire movement whose members believe in tithing, is nationwide if not worldwide, and has declared our state to be "Armageddon in the culture wars." They have a lot of money, and money talks.

Liberal hater

Two FAGS marrying is as disgusting as beastiality. Yeah I said it.

Steven M

I donated to EqualityForAll, hope it helps. I also hope we can vote down Prop 102 here in Arizona as well.


re: post #2

Well, your screen name certainly says it all. You are indeed a hater. Among the other things it is, that comment is on a par with saying "two black people marrying is disgusting". It's just as bigotted and discriminatory. (of course, for all I know, you're a racist, as well). Any 2 adult human beings who are committed to each other have the right to be married.


One of the reasons we are loosing is because the No On 8 televisions ads suck! Yes On 8 show ads of parents afraid because their children are supposedly going to be indoctrinated in school. The effect is very emotional. These ads run at prime time all the time. No on 8 ads are a bunch of words that say "don't take away peoples rights". You'd think the LGBT community as creative and hooked into Hollywood as they are anticipating this opposing campaign could come up with something better. I've even seen better No on 8 Youtube appeals than whats running on TV.

What about this one. I never see it on TV:


Why isn't the ACLU doing a full court press support Prop 8. Talk about an issue that is right up the ACLU's alley - protecting equal right to marry. Upton Sinclair would be ashamed. Supporting Prop 8 isn't even on the ACLU's Urgent Action Alert Page!

The Mormons and Evengelicals are bringing in support across the country to win Prop 8. Can the ACLU bring into question the tax exempt status of these organizations? HELP ACLU this is a civil rights issue!!!


What is the ACLU doing to Stop Prop 8 in California? If you look at their main web site their's nothing. If prop 8 looses in California, a bell weather state, it will be one of the biggest losses for gay rights of all time and human rights as well. If our neighbor Canada provides the right for same sex marriage, yet we are fighting desperately to keep this right in CA. But you see nothing on the ACLU main web site. Nothing at the top of the ACLU alert lists. What kind of legal action is the ACLU taking against hateful religious institutions like the Mormons and the Knights of Columbus. Nothing. Where are you ACLU?


I just got back from the Obama rally here in Chicago and was crestfallen to find Prop 8 looking like it's going to pass. Whatever recourse we have, let's get on it.

Interested stra...

If this ends up passing, someone should challange it. It is discrimination because they are not banning DIVORCE. What is more detrimental to the "sanctity of marriage" than divorce?

This is nothing more than a bunch of people that can't keep their nose out of other peoples lives. Marriage licences are not issued by the church, they are issued by the STATE and the state is not allowed to discriminate are they?

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