Freedom Alert: Why Marriage Matters

Three Couples. Three minutes. They show us in their video why marriage matters. Why we must save the fundamental right to marry in California on Election Day.

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There is a human cost when gay couples are denied the fundamental right to marry. The stories of three couples from New Mexico demonstrate what thousands of couples in California stand to lose if their right to marry is taken away on Election Day. It is important that we save marriage in California so couples in other states can have the hope to marry, too. Please forward and share this video with everyone you know in California and ask them to vote NO on Prop 8.

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I am a member of the ACLU and if I lived in California on Election Day, I would vote against Prop 9. However, I believe both sides on this issue are right and both are wrong. The true civil libertarian is very simple: the government has no business recognizing any private relationships or giving any benefits to people in any relationships. I think the positions of the ACLU are inconsistant: you want the government out of our bedrooms, but in our marriages? The true civil libertarian position is to keep the State out of our bedrooms and our marriages. Although I would support Prop 9 because as long as the State recognizes marriage I think it should do so equally, civil marriages would still be discriminatory. The government would discriminate against those who are in plural relationships, non-married couples, and most of all single people. If the ACLU wants to uphold liberty and equality, it must address this.

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US Constitution, Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1:
"...No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States: nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

So are we now going to change the Constitution of the United States so we can put start putting discrimination in it too?

I am a Christian, and can not and will not ever understand how those who voted for Prop 8 in Califoria can stand up for Christ and hate at the same time. Shame on all the Christians who voted for Prop 8 in California. When you stand before God you will have to explain why you made heaven impossible for so many people because of your fear, hatred and lies. God have mercy on your souls.


Prop 8 is going to pass and effectively ban gay marriage unless it's found unconstitutional. Time to take it to SCOTUS.


"At no time in history has marriage been anything else."

Utterly ignorant. Historically, marriage is between one man and multiple women.

The argument from antiquity is also specious. Just because something has always been done says nothing about its merit.


"Marriage has ‘always’ been for those who can actually breed"

False. Infertile couples can marry. Heterosexual couples that choose not to breed can marry.

Your arguments are feeble cover for your bigotry.

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Must be a muslim or mormon to think that marriage is between one man and multiple women.


I just threw up.


History is no guide to determine what is right; our past is littered with shameful acts of hate. We are supposed to be improving ourselves.

Denying them the right to marry means denying social security benefits, the ability to make life or death decisions for their family, custody and immigration rights.

Why wouldn't someone protest that?

If you don't approve of gay marriage, thats your own business. But eventually, you will be shamed out of flaunting your bigotted ideals like those who are still racist and sexist.


News flash here God is not in favor of homosexuality just read the Old testament. I believe you are dammed to hell is what he says.Don'tcall your self a Christian if you don't know your scripture.


I think the ACLU should put a guide out of the legal rights of gay marriage,civil unions and domestic partnerships as well as the legal ramifications when two people want to dissolve the arrangement.A couple needs to know what they're getting into before the decide to get married or have a civil union or domestic partnership or what happens when they end it ,as far as community property,hospitalization, insurance, wills, property and other issues.It would be nice to have a guide to spell these things out.


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