Freedom Alert: Why Marriage Matters

Three Couples. Three minutes. They show us in their video why marriage matters. Why we must save the fundamental right to marry in California on Election Day.

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There is a human cost when gay couples are denied the fundamental right to marry. The stories of three couples from New Mexico demonstrate what thousands of couples in California stand to lose if their right to marry is taken away on Election Day. It is important that we save marriage in California so couples in other states can have the hope to marry, too. Please forward and share this video with everyone you know in California and ask them to vote NO on Prop 8.

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'Marriage' is a union between two or more parties, not necessarily referring to procreation or love. 'Licensed' means taxed, presumably for oversight. My cat isn't licensed, but she is still a cat. A marriage doesn't need licensing to be 'real'. However, the legal ramifications of not allowing legal status to any humans desiring 'legal' marriage are tremendous. Our descendants will look upon this era as we do the middle ages.


I have to say I don't think there should be government involvement in marriage at all- just civil unions. As I recall there is something about give unto God what is God's and unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's. The Church can decide whether or not to perform any religous rites.

As for the 'Old Testament says homosexuality is evil' - have you ever read Leviticus? Tell you what, if you keep Kosher and keep the Sabbath, then you can talk about Old Testament. As I recall Jesus brought the message that God loves all of his children and that any judgement will be done by Him in the Kingdom of Heaven. I know this isn't Heaven, and I'm betting you aren't Jesus; so please just stop.


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