A Gay Rights Life

conversations_160Matt Coles, director of the ACLU LGBT Project, talks to Joel Engardio about his life working in gay rights, coming out, surviving the AIDS crisis and fighting for LGBT equality. Matt's conversation is divided into three chapters, each four minutes long:

"Closets and Amendments"
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Power of Storytelling
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Matt and the staff at the ACLU's LGBT Project recently joined with a coalition to launch the "Tell 3" campaign, which encourages gays and lesbians to tell three people they're close to about what it's like to be gay. Straight people are also talking about their gay loved ones. The idea is that when enough people know and understand someone who is gay, they'll stop casting votes that discriminate against gay people. We hope Matt's episode of "ACLU Conversations" will help prompt the kind of personal conversations that will get us there.

Look for more conversations on a variety of issues in this new video series from the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Please help the hard working women of Lafayette College. Six women have come forth to stop sexual harassment at the college. The pervert responsible for sexually harassing these women was sentenced to 18 months probation in a plea bargain. How could such a plea bargain be available this scares me. The man accused of the harassment is basically walking away untouched. He got his rocks off for years at these women’s expense. This man was put in a position to protect the college, its employees, and its students. Below are the local newspapers links to the articles. Please help these women return to there jobs. These women were scared to come forth because the man responsible carried a gun and must have had some kind of connection with college considering he worked there for 20 years. Lafayette is trying to sweep this under the rug and its working. I hope the ACLU can help these women and make it known that these type of actions will not just be swept under the table.




Good vids.

Re: "Please note that by playing this clip You Tube and Google will place a long-term cookie on your computer." Huh??? All you have to do is set your browser to refuse cookies. This maximizes privacy, and is something I would think the ACLU would want to encourage.

At the least, I would think the ACLU would want to educate people about cookies, and how to erase them, as a civil liberties/anti-Big Brother matter.


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Normal Person

When will Al-Qaeda's Liberty and Communist Un-Americans admit that a gay man has the same rights as me? We can both marry any woman we choose.

Leslie and Katie

no on prop 8! (:

ms. & ms. Mccarter

Proud lesbians!
I love my girlfriend(:

Got married 3 months ago<3



A FAG, is a FAG, is a FAG

Jason Carpp

As a single gay male myself, I've always felt that gay men and lesbians should be allowed to get married should they find someone they love and wish to live with. I was apposed to Proposition 8 from the beginning. Being homosexual isn't without its problems (AIDS, HIV, etc.), but it's not all bad either. And yet the people who put Prop 8 into law are treating gays and lesbians like they're monsters who should be locked up for the rest of their lives. Who the hell are they to make such decision without asking the rest of us how we feel about it? It's just un-American. It's wrong.

John & Spencer ...

Its funny that although couples can be married from a state that allows it, it cannot be recognized in another state. From my recollection, I thought marriage was a binding contract? and aren't contracts binding and recognized in every state according to full faith and credit??? Just something to think about when it all boils down!

Harry Cox

Hey, as a straight guy who is happily married, I couldn't give a hoot about gay marriages if that would shut the LGBT (sounds like a deli sandwich) crowd up. How about doing away with the 'domestic partnerships'? That is what hurts marriage.
Also, come out of the closet by all means. However the closet opens into the bedroom not into the street, the classroom, etc. Sex, straight or gay, should be a private affair.
Ya'all gays would fare better by toning it down and stop throwing your sexuality in societies face - cuz society will throw it right back at ya. You are the minorities so try being a little less forceful.
And finally, is the gay marriage issue soooo important that it ranks up there with real issues like:
domestic violence
violence against children
homelessness, etc.??


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