Getting Rid of Prop. 8

The LGBT Project and the ACLU’s three California affiliates (Northern, Southern and San Diego-Imperial) wrote to our allies on Monday suggesting that we ought to reframe the conversation about getting rid of Prop. 8.

Our letter says that the debate about 2010 vs. 2012 misses a crucial point: with the voters of California where they are today, either election would be a tougher challenge than 2008 was. That’s largely because voters who were conflicted before the vote on Proposition 8, and at least potentially winnable, committed when they voted last November. People who’ve made up their minds and acted are much harder to move. And, in-depth polls make clear, most Californians have made up their minds, so much so that to win, we’ll now have to change the minds of people who voted against us.

Rather than analyzing the demographics of coming elections, we say, we should be concentrating on how to change the minds of enough voters to get a majority on our side before going back to the polls. We need to talk to close friends and family about our lives and relationships and why this fight matters. We need every ally we can get, because we are also going to have to have a dialogue with all the conflicted voters we lost in 2008. These are especially tricky conversations because people rarely change their mind if they are feeling under attack. We need to convince them that our relationships deserve the respect and dignity of marriage. An election is the place to defend a majority, not build one, especially when we need to change minds to win.

The critical thing now, we say in the letter, is to set benchmarks for ourselves, and decide to go back to the ballot when we’ve met them. In addition to majority support for marriage, we say that we should set goals for community engagement, to show that we have the volunteer commitment we’ll need for a campaign, and for fundraising, including commitments from larger funders and demonstrated grassroots commitment to support a campaign.

We believe strongly that we should go back to the voters just as soon as we’ve done what we need to do to make it likely that we’ll win. Not a moment later—or sooner.

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Outraged Citizen

The people have voted in favor of
Prop 8.


bob lion

since 1930, criminals have called homosexual boys -gay- if the movement of pool misguided fools wants to use that word as their banner then go ahead. i will still use the word -gay- as adjective for happy--and i think the -gay boys- are an angry bunch. lets not forget about the angry lesbian also. individual rights vs survival of the human race is what the movement is advocating. to what do these angry people attribute their being ???? oh well, good luck, oops i misspelled that last word. please lets just go back to calling humans -homosexual- -heterosexual- and -bisexual- when it comes time to describing the choices they make. thank you for reading,

will truthy

ira, go bring your filth to another country


I to will fight against the the gay right movement everyday. I will also let my friends and family know how wrong it is to be gay.

Confused by wha...

1 a (1): the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law

1st off I have no issue with a union between two men or two women or with that union entitleing them to the exact same rights for taxation and or insurance/medical basically anything to do with finance I do however believe that with reguards to adoption the Parent of the child should have the right in the case of an open adoption to deciede weather or not that a same sex family should be allowed to petition to adopt thier child(NOTE I said open adoptions only!!)closeed adoptions should be to beneffit the child by giving them the best chance to succede in life.

But the term Marriage is not something that same sex couples should be allowed to latch onto just to farther thier quest for rights. You are not the same as a man and women union own up to what you want respect for and realise that in order to get respect from people you need to give it.


Dear Confused by Marriage, please re-read your definition. The ending talks about marriage as a consensual, contractual legal relationship. There is nothing there about religion and the only bar to changing the law and, thus, the definition is religion.

If a parent or parents want to have a say in the adoptive parents, they should enter into an arranged adoption.

What respect are you asking gay couples who wish to be married to give to heterosexual couples? That their relationship is inferior?

Proud american

How many times must this be voted down before it becomes finally dropped. The voters have spoken and are ignored.


What is wrong is ignorance and bigotry
not to mention the desire of some that gays accept a second class status for their relationships.


Marriage is between a male and a female. Same sex unions don't even exist in nature! Our sex organs were made so that we can reproduce...why don't gays go for civil unions? Why are they trying to redefine marriage? Look at history every society that allows homosexual unions...has failed. Please protect the "tradition family" has made this country prosperous for the past 233 years!


What buisness is it of your's Sunny what other people do with their sex organs?
Btw if the good Christians among us get to stone Gays does that mean that the rest of us get to stone the,swine eaters,the fornicaters,and worse of all those who use toilets rather than digging a hole the required distance from their town.


Stay Informed