Happy Flag Day!

In honor of National Flag Day this Sunday, I took a few minutes to interview Gilbert Baker, the creator of a flag that is very important to the LGBT community — the rainbow pride flag.

Hoping to create a hopeful symbol to celebrate the diversity and pride of the gay community, Mr. Baker designed the flag in 1978, hand dyeing and sewing the original flag in his San Francisco home. In the wake of Harvey Milk’s assassination, the San Francisco pride parade committee decided to use the rainbow flag to decorate the parade route, launching its recognition as a universal symbol for pride.

The video below includes selected clips from our interview.

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I thought flag day was for the US flag not any other flags?


That is why I have a problem with gay rights. Why do they feel they have to push everything to the extreme? Why do they feel that they have the right to take away the American flag and put there own flag there? Way to slap all the people who fought for the flag and raised it in war time victory. This just shows how the gay movement is so stupid. Keep going gays and you will get no where.


You people crack me up when we become islamic and the law changes for the worst don`t call on me you have taken away the rights of the whole country for the rights of afew stand and be proud for destroying this country

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