Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Nominee for Attorney General, Stands by His Support for Sweeping Anti-LGBT Bill

As the Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on the nomination of Jeff Sessions to be attorney general of the United States, it is telling that Sen. Sessions continues to stand by his support for the most sweeping anti-LGBT bill in Congress.

In response to a written question from Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) regarding his support for the so-called “First Amendment Defense Act,” or FADA, Sen. Sessions flatly states that he rejects characterizations of the bill — including by the ACLU — as being “deceptively named.” Since same-sex couples won the freedom to marry nationwide in 2015, opponents — including those pushing FADA — have argued that the legislation is necessary to protect clergy or houses of worship from being forced to marry gay and lesbian couples. The First Amendment already, quite clearly, protects the rights of clergy and churches to decide which unions to solemnize within their faith traditions. In fact, since the founding of our country, no church has been forced to marry any couple in violation of its religious doctrine, something that has not changed since the arrival of marriage equality.

Sen. Sessions specifically cites concerns about a private university or college potentially losing tax-exempt status if it is opposed to marriage equality. However, he is unable to point to a single example of a school being threatened with such an action, let alone a case where a tax-exempt status was revoked.

Perhaps the most galling aspect of Sen. Sessions’ response was how he turns the definition of discrimination on its head. He argues that FADA is necessary to “prohibit the federal government from taking discriminatory actions.” What Sen. Sessions calls “discriminatory actions” are in fact longstanding federal civil rights protections. FADA, for example, would significantly undermine the ability of federal agencies tasked with enforcing our nation’s civil rights laws, such as the EEOC, to protect LGBT people and women from discrimination in education, employment, or housing.

The kind of sweeping, taxpayer-funded discrimination that FADA would sanction flies in the face of the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage-equality ruling. Sen. Sessions can try all he wants to mask what the true intent of FADA is, but the ACLU will continue to speak out in strong opposition to this legislative attack on the LGBT community.

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What in the fuck are you two talking about?


They are saying die Sessions, just die like a nazi.


Please before voting in Jeff Sessions as Attorney General take in consideration his remarks he has made. This man has very different views on many things that the majority of U.S. citizens have expressed. He is without a doubt against LGBT community, he believes that anyone who uses Medical Marijuana is not a good person, he also has made demonizing remarks about the African American community. His record of being Senator of Alabama speaks for itself. Mr. Sessions has made sure that Alabama doesn't prosper in anyway, including, but not limited to, voting against any type of gambling, Medical Marijuana, amongst many more ways to help the State gain prosperity. Should he become Attorney General then America will be stuck back in time. Please write your Senators, Legislatures, or anyone that may have a vote in this decision. Thank you for taking time to read this comment.


Problem I have with gay/lesbian topic is the ideology. If it’s just knowing and willing adults doing gay/lesbian activities, using tobacco, but not forcing their views on others, then I don’t care. I don’t care about gay & lesbian marriage. Problem I have is that too many are gay/lesbian fanatics. Gays & lesbians support free speech for those who support homosexuality but oppose free speech for those against. Gay & lesbian groups use schools to push their agendas & if a student says something against homosexuality, the teacher censors them.

There has been free speech controversy over teachers punishing a high school student because the student said something against homosexuality which offended the teacher. In some schools they have Harvey B. Milk day forced on students. I don’t care if gay/lesbian groups want to honor HB Milk just as I don’t care about Jews celebrating Hanuka, Hindus celebrating Diwali, American Indians celebrating Native American holidays, Italians and Spaniards celebrating Columbus Day and Christians celebrating Christmas and St. Patricks Day-those holidays can also be celebrated by people aren’t members of those groups such as if non Judeo-Christians want to celebrate Hanuka and Christmas then that’s their right. I have a problem if people are forced to celebrate Hanuka, Christmas, etc.

Problem with HB Milk day, is that the teachers have force students to celebrate this day, where ugly facts about HB Milk are censored & if let’s say a high school student raises this, they get punished by the teacher. With free speech, gays & lesbians often go on anti-gay websites to give their views, yet they’re hostile to people going on gay/lesbian websites to make comments against homosexuality. That’s why so many gays & lesbians are fanatics-only want views which they like but censor what offends them.

With gay/lesbian conduct by adults, while I don’t believe in making it a crime by consenting adults, I do believe it’s best to find a cure for homosexual/lesbian conduct just as it’s best to find cure for tobacco use-also a legal product. If homosexual/lesbian conduct and tobacco use were to disappear eventually, then it’s fine with me and I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. I believe in abolishing sex change mutilations.


Gays have made ethnic insults against Blacks who made comments which offended gays. We have no right lecturing Uganda on their laws against gay/lesbian conduct, but NAACP has not supported African nations such as Uganda’s right to have laws against gay/lesbian conduct. There have been cases where Black men such as former Atlanta fire chief was fired for a book he wrote about dangers of homosexuality outside work hours which offended gay groups. NAACP did not defend the Black fire chief’s free speech rights.

& again, gay groups have made ethnic slurs against Blacks who see something wrong with gay/lesbian conduct & also slurs against Blacks who see something wrong with sex change mutilations. NAACP has not supported Blacks free speech rights because guess the NAACP thinks gay rights more important than Black free speech rights. NAACP did not condemn gay activist Dan K. Savage when Dan K. Savage made graphic comments against black US President Candidate Benjamin S. Carson.


If the views were not consistent with the majority of Americans then we wouldn't be commenting on Sessions as a nominee because Clinton would be doing the nomination. I would suggest that you check the definition of majority. The majority of Americans are tired of the left pushing their agenda down our throats. That is why the voter map was very predominately red in stead of blue. If Trump is not your president then by all means please look at leaving. I hear Syria has vacancies.

Lori Q

Look at what this Trump did for transgender students! This is a shame and I worry what else this administration will do to harm transgender people. Trump and his administration needs to get out of the White House and out of Washington! All he is doing is dividing this country more than it was.


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