Two Stains on Our Nation as Anti-LGBT Bills Pass in Michigan and North Carolina

Photo: James Willamor/Flickr

As the country awaits a decision from the Supreme Court on marriage equality, anti-LGBT forces who want to use religion to allow discrimination have pushed bills through in Michigan and North Carolina. Both North Carolina’s marriage refusal bill SB 2 and Michigan’s adoption refusal House Bills 4188, 4189 and 4190 have gotten final approval and are about to be law.

The North Carolina bill would allow magistrates to refuse to perform marriages and was clearly prompted by the marriages of same-sex couples.  There was hope when Gov. Pat McCrory did the right thing and vetoed the legislation. But the Speaker of North Carolina’s House  called for a vote – when many legislators who would have voted ‘no’ were out of the room, no less – and overrode the governor’s veto.

The intent to harm gay and lesbian couples and their families is clear.

In Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder today enshrined discrimination against LGBT people that will limit the pool of loving families available to the state’s most vulnerable children. Michigan’s adoption refusal law now authorizes state-paid child placement agencies to turn away qualified prospective foster or adoptive parents based solely on the religious beliefs of the agencies, regardless of their ability to care for a child. .Denying loving homes to children who so desperately need them is downright cruel and should be criminal – which is why legislatures in Texas, Alabama, and Florida rejected similar measures earlier this year.

Perhaps most shockingly, Gov. Snyder has publicly stated that he would not sign a Religious Freedom Restoration Act  into law in his state because it is discriminatory --  yet he failed to recognize the discriminatory intent behind HB 4188, 4189 and 4190 and its potentially devastating consequences for children.

States across the nation from Indiana to Arizona to Texas and beyond have defeated anti-LGBT bills this year that would have granted licenses to discriminate, indicating a promising turning point in our nation’s history. These two new laws are out of step with the direction in which our country is moving and only aim to harm. With the Supreme Court expected to rule on  marriage for same-sex couples this month, one can’t help but wonder if these actions are simply last ditch efforts to discriminate based on fear and ignorance. What else could they be given that these laws help no one and stand to hurt many?

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This is garbage. People have aright not to have Sodomy pushed down their throats by force. Kudos to Michigan and NC for having the guts to stand up to these freaks. If someone believes Homosexuality is perversion they should be free to interact their lives without liberals forcing them to accept this perversion.


O look another fucking retard!!!!


Yes, but from a homosexuals perspective heterosexuality is a perversion. No one is forcing you to suck cock, unless you want to be forced? Do you? Dirty boy?


I think you may be confusing sodomy with fellatio. I know, it seems very complicated, all these bodily orifices and the wide spectrum of sexual acts involving one or more of them. A glossary and a wall chart of male & female anatomy may be helpful study aids for you as you learn about the varieties of human sexual interaction.
Also, I didn't realize that former U.S. Senator Larry Craig was considered to be a liberal. He always seemed like a run-of-the-mill Republican to me.


Nobody should support lgbt ever!


Our NC legislators have no problem wasting tax payer time and money on efforts to impose their "religious" beliefs on the state's population. Get rid of these people in the next election.. Elect people who care about education, health care, etc...not about governing by their personal interpretations
of "religious" law.


Yeah for Michigan and North Carolina. I hope SC, VA, GA and other states join them soon.


Most of these states are finding the Pro Rape bill, and protection of Pedophiles bills where being slipped into the LGBT bills at the last minute.In the State of California, there is now a law on the books that says "If a person moans during the rape, or is unconscious. Then it isn't rape." Now the same goes for the Pedophiles. "If a child willingly has sex with an adult, then it is perfectly normal."


This is the slippery slope that we have been talking about. Next, animals etc...


The Rainbow is the Reminder that יהוה (GOD) flooded the Earth.

The LGBT is a Reminder of WHY GOD did it!


Stay Informed