Betsy DeVos Denies Trans Students Basic Rights

On March 27, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos appeared before the House Appropriations Committee to answer questions about the administration’s first year in office. While I had no shortage of questions for her, one of my top priorities was asking her about her department’s failure to protect the rights of transgender students.

During the Obama administration, the Department of Education issued guidance to public schools explaining that schools should allow students to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity in accordance with basic civil rights law under Title IX.

I heard from plenty of teachers and administrators throughout Wisconsin who were either already acting in accordance with the new rule, or gladly welcomed guidance on this important issue.

However, Secretary DeVos rescinded the Obama-era guidance in 2017, robbing transgender students of rights which should be afforded to every public school student.

In February of this year, Secretary DeVos continued to discriminate against transgender students by announcing that her department would not investigate any complaints filed by transgender students who had been banned from restrooms that match their gender identity.

When this happened, I couldn’t help but think of Ashton Whitaker, a young man from my home town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, who is currently a first year student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2016, Ashton rightly challenged his school to allow him to use the restroom consistent with his gender identity. Courts affirmed that forcing this young man to use the wrong restroom constituted illegal discrimination on the basis of sex.

In 2018, we should not need a refresher on basic discrimination. Rescinding someone’s rights, which have been upheld in court, on the basis of their gender identity is wrong. Refusing to listen to complaints from a certain population of students is wrong.

Secretary DeVos has consistently shown her willful ignorance when failing to visit underperforming schools, as well as her mean-spirited, anti-LGBT views when denying rights to certain students. At some point, she should realize that as Secretary of Education, she is supposed to represent all students, not just a select few.

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If you have a penis, you're a boy and should use the boy's facilities.

If you have a vagina, you're a girl and should use the girl's facilities.


The real problem here is that we have a what amounts to a reincarnation of someone from Hitler's cabinet or from the Dark Ages,who is an absolute idiot and hates women as as the Traitor in Chief(Putin's puppet)who is her Boss.
She is a Bigot who knows nothing about Education and Public Schools,having never gone to one and has never sent children to one and could care less about Public Schools,Education or Children who aren't throwbacks to the Wasps of the 1950's,She and her Deputy are extremely dangerous as has been reported that they are listening to"Men's rights group's and doing every thing to do away with Title IX protections for Victims of Sexual Assault and/or Harassment on College Campuses,because they believe the myth that Men are the Victims not Women even when the evidence proves they are the Assaulters,when they claim that the Sex was Consensual and that the Woman cried Rape when she decided later that it wasn't good for her and decided to press charges against the man who raped her.
Title IX's protections were extended by President Obama to give better guidelines for reporting Sexual Assaults on College and University Campuses and make easier and less Traumatic for Women who have been Raped on Campuses to report the Crime to the College or University's PD and other Authorities on Campus without having to feel like they have been assaulted all over again.
Because this was done by President Obama like many other Actions,Laws or Regulations put in place to help everyday people and not the Corrupt and Greedy Corporations and the Ultra Wealthy and the Racists and the Bigots that make up the Foundations of the GOP along with Neo Nazi's and the Klan who make up our Fuhrers Base and his Cabinet,because President Obama was the First African-American man to Elected President of the United States Trump and his Junta Cabinet and the bulk of GOP are doing every thing possible to undo everything he had done to help the people of this country and not the 1% who look down on all the rest of us with disdain and disgust.
Devos is just one example of Trumps corruption and Hatred and how he is in my mind helping his Boss Putin turn this country into a part of the USSR Reborn,as his campaign was bought and paid for and aided by Russia.
That is why we must keep up the pressure on Devos to keep her and Trump from undermining Public Education and the Rights of ALL STUDENTS to attend School and use all the Facilities that they need and correspond to their identities,they are not looking to use a bathroom or locker room to stare at someone else to"jerk off",they would as someone has already stated would use the stall and do their business like anyone else would then wash up and leave(if they bother to was after using the toilet,though I have seen many a person walk out without washing their hands after using the toilet.)they are not going to hang around to stare at someone,they would only stay in there if they need to wait for an empty stall if all the stalls are occupied when they come in to the washroom.
As for locker rooms there are most likely Private areas for changing and Showering that could be used if one is uncomfortable with a more"public" (group) shower area in Newer buildings,something akin to a shower for coaches to use if there is one,
As someone else has commented Trans People are no different from others as many are going through changing to the Genderthat they feel is their true Gender rather than their Biological Gender and should be able to use the Facilities they are comfortable using not the ones forced on them by the intolerant and the bigoted who use any excuse to prevent them from the facility that's right for them and not forced on them by those who are intolerant and still live in the past as though they are Plantation Owners or their underlings and not in the 21st Century.
I think that all the Bigots the Haters the Intolerant the Greedy and the Corrupt should all go live on an Island in the Bermuda Triangle and Intetmarry yourselfs out of existence and leave the rest of us alone to live in reality not your warped and twisted fantasy and take the Neo Nazis the Klan the National Riot Association with you and never be heard from again so the rest of us can live in peace.


I usually hate Betsy DeVos but, in this case I totally support her. Transgender will never be the sex they want to be no matter how hard they try or mutilate their bodies to conform to that sex.


Amen Norabelle!
Seriously, if making a new rule or constitutional right infringes upon the rights of others, it too cannot be correct. Reading some of the articles related to this topic are unreal. In what world does a kindergarten student decide for themselves that they are transgender? Please. I find it more likely that someone encouraged them to feel that way.


no, i have heard about kids that are trans as young as 3 years old. so please let them have a good life and shut your trap

Olivia Cobian

Does the ACLU allow for the rights to privacy that gender-conforming students and their parents have? My children feel that their privacy is violated in sharing restrooms and locker rooms with members of the opposite biological sex, regardless of which gender the latter identifies with.


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