A Loss in Arizona

Tonight voters in Arizona passed an initiative that bars lesbian and gay couples from marrying in the state. In 2004, Arizonans made history for being the first state to reject an anti-gay relationship amendment that would have barred even protections for straight couples. This go around, the proponents of the initiative narrowed its scope to bar only lesbian and gay couples from marriage, and the opponents couldn’t muster the necessary votes to defeat it. To learn what you can do to fight for relationship protections for lesbian and gay couples, visit www.aclu.org/getequal.

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Two legislators purposely cut the mic of others to get this item on the ballot. Can I sue them for violating the trust of the public?


Where is the ACLU lawsuits challenging the passing of this constitutional amendment? If you have good reason to believe that by focusing on CA you would have a good chance at overturning ALL constitutional amendments in states that deny one group equal rights, then say so. At least define your purpose and your direction. If not where are you ACLU? Where is the AZ-ACLU?

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