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I’m 33, single, and I want to get married. But I don’t intend to do so until all the people I love can too under the law. With the work of a team of dedicated advocates, this year Maine will become the third New England state to legalize civil marriage for same-sex couples. And we’ll be first in the country to pass civil marriage through the legislature…and keep it.

Today I stood with a brave group of gay and lesbian couples, one amazing legislator, clergy, and an impressive array of civil rights groups to introduce “An Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom.” All loving, committed couples deserve the dignity and respect as well as the legal protections that marriage brings.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Dennis Damon (D-Hancock), a former schoolteacher, commercial fisherman and Maine High School “Baseball Coach of the Year.”

Democrats have a 20-15 majority in the State Senate and a 95-54 majority in the House. Some House Republicans are backing a constitutional amendment to ban marriage for gays and lesbians, but we’re hearing quiet support from unexpected allies on the right.

Of course, passing a marriage equality bill through the legislature is only the first step toward ending discrimination against gay and lesbian families. Maine has a referendum process by which legislation can be overturned. The good news is, our coalition started organizing two years ago around this issue, and we’re ready to win a referendum challenging marriage. We’ve identified 20 percent of our voters already, and organizers are on the ground now showing our video and signing up volunteers.

Our steering committee includes Maine civil rights veteran Pat Peard and the Executive Directors of our four lead organizations: EqualityMaine, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, the Maine Civil Liberties Union, and the Maine Women’s Lobby

We’ve been joined by the NAACP — Portland Branch, Maine Children’s Alliance, a whole host of progressive groups, and over 140 clergy from 14 denominations from the Maine Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry.

You can sign up to help at Join us on Facebook and Twitter too. This is not my grandmothers’ campaign — although both of them, including the one who voted for John McCain, support this bill.

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liberal hater




This is great news! I wish you all the best, and it will be ironic when Maine is more progressive than California.

I've been writing quite extensively on same-sex civil marriage issues on my blog if you'd like to take a look.

Good for you guys!


I hope this sticks. Now if only this will happen to MY state.

marc ashby

This sounds like forcing tolerance on the population of america. The reason it is going through the legislature is becasue the liberals know that it would never get past the people so they need to sneak it past the people who disagree with gay marriage. And with any luck the people of maine will rise up and vote these so called progressives out of office and restore marriage how it is supposed to ba nad always have been for 6000 years. Man and Woman ONLY. Try to do this in Iran or Saudi Arabia and see just how biggoted we really are and I guarantee you will be perfectly happy in the U.S but then you would be executed or stoned to death in the streets. Stop forcing your lifestyle on america.

russell hunsuck...

love is love , so do not hate kool


While this person wants the right to marry, I'd like the right to simply be able to live and love. You see, I have no civil liberties. Does the ACLU care about that?


Raping children is not a civil right you sick freak.


You guys are seriously supporting the same organization that gave the gay-rapers of Jeff Curly a pass????



I can marry you Thank you

I am a male and I am 33.

see you

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