New York's Governor Urges State Agencies to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

After the New York Civil Liberties Union's victory in the same-sex marriage case Martinez v. Monroe County, New York Governor David Paterson has urged state agencies to change its policies to recognize the unions of gay and lesbian couples who are married out-of-state. Any agencies that do not honor these marriages will be in violation of the state's human rights laws, according to the governor's counsel, David Nocenti.

As California prepares to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on June 17, Gov. Paterson's decision is especially timely. The California Supreme Court's landmark decision in In Re: Marriage Cases cleared the way for gay and lesbian couples to marry in that state.

NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman said in statement:

For the first time, couples in New York who have never known true security for their families will be officially entitled to treatment by our state government that respects their rights. They should now finally get a taste of the family protections other married couples and their children enjoy...Now it's time for our legislature to allow all of New York's families to live with dignity. New Yorkers shouldn't have to leave the state to protect their families.

You can read Nocenti's full order (PDF) to state agencies on the NYCLU website, and check out the video of Lieberman talking about the Martinez case.

Please let Governor Paterson know that you appreciate his support. His office is taking a poll. It will only take a minute to call (518) 474-8390 and say "I support the Governor's directive on marriage." Be sure to give your 5-digit zip code. And encourage your friends and family to call too.

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It's a joy to see Governor Paterson remind NYS agencies of their duty to comply with the state's human rights laws. And it's a joy to see yet another state move closer to the recognition that it needs to treat all of its citizens equally. Kudos to Paterson and NYCLU!


What about all those that seek animal-human marriages..they have rights too!
if we are going to recognize an un-natural act such as same-sex marriages i think we need to give those who love sheep, cows, dogs, etc. the same rights!


Listen Fred, hey if you found a sheep that you are truly fond of, love and cherish, by all means I think you should be able to marry that sheep and live happily ever after. And from reading your comment- trying to equate the marrying of two people regardless of their sexes to the marrying of animals and people, clearly you are stupid enough to do such a thing! You diminish yourself, and your standing in society, when you try to take a reasonable difference of opinion about a particular topic and then derail it into incompariables. What a moron you are! I pity you!


I'm so glad someone finally thought of doing this. It's about time another state recognized and respected same-sex marriages performed in other states/countries. We're all human beings and deserve equal respect regardless of where our marriages take place or what genders are involved.

RE: "Fred" Someone's a bit unclear on the concept of HUMAN rights, let alone the fact that Animals, children and The Dead CANNOT Legally Speak for themselves.'s just "his" type of backward and outlandish thinking that has kept this country stuck in the 19th century!

Welcome to the 21st Century...hope you all can keep up!


Hey, Fred, here's the problem with your "logic" (and I use that term very loosely).

In order to enter into a marriage, BOTH parties must give informed consent. And, the last time I checked, there were no sheep, dogs, dolphins or potted plants even that were capable of providing said informed consent. But then again, hatemongers rarely give rational arguments, they only post and run because they know they'll get their butts handed to them for their lack of rational, lucid commentary.

Kelly G.

Well... I see what is going on here. The Bible (God) says that practicing sex with persons of the same gender is a sin. He hates it. Why should the government give special rights that it reserves for married couples, to homosexual couples? They can call themselves "married" or anything else... but calling green "blue" or "orange" does not make it so! We show you how bad it looks to want to get government rights that are reserved for a different group... just because you feel bad. Marrying a sheep is just a little joke to show you how stupid it looks. You can choose to sin. God gives you that right to make your choice. However, don't expect us to feel sorry for you when you want things to be different than they are. Again... you can call green "blue"... or you can call it "orange". Just don't expect me to look at the color blue and agree that it should be called green or orange. Get it? No, we don't hate you. You make your choices like every other sinner (including me!). Don't tell me I am guilty of some hate crime for telling you blue is blue and green is green! God made people's bodies a certain way for a certain reason. You can choose to fight it. Just don't expect that to be easy. And... don't expect others to go along with you. You may say "I did not choose to be gay...". Fine... but the Bible says you must not practice it. Got it?

Darlene B

I so agree with Kelly G. Loving someone of the same sex is not unusual. Taking that love to a sexual and intimate relationship is unnecessary and not as intended by our Creator. Children need a male father and a female mother who each bring gender specific characteristics to the child and the family. Satan is alive and is Jesus Christ. Satan will do everything to destroy the family as our Creator constituted it.

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