Prop 8 Update

Earlier this week, the ACLU, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Lambda Legal filed another brief before the California Supreme Court urging the court to strike down Prop 8 which attempted to take away the right of gay people to marry in the state. This brief was filed in response to the brief filed by the California Attorney General and the anti-gay organizations that supported Prop 8. What is noteworthy about this brief is that while we differ slightly in our legal analysis, we agree with the Attorney General Jerry Brown that Prop 8 should be struck down. We also argue — again in agreement with the Attorney General — that Proposition 8 cannot be applied to invalidate existing marriages because new laws and amendments are presumed to apply only on a prospective basis.

To shed some light on the many questions raised by the passage of Prop 8, we put together a FAQ . If you’re concerned about how Prop 8 will affect your marriage or just want to learn more about our efforts to have it overturned, please check it out. You can read a copy of the brief filed this week as well as the other legal documents in the case here.

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liberal hater

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Eric Kramer

How anti-American it is for you to try to overturn Proposition 8. 52% of the people who voted chose to vote against civil unions. I'm not from California, but I voted against civil unions too. You can try to promote "tolerance" of people who want same sex unions, but tell me; can you keep those who practice the homosexual lifestyle out of hell on Judgment Day? God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and He will do the same thing to this country if we don't get our heads out of our butts and start living our lives the way He expects us to. If God had wanted Marriage to be defined as between two men or two women, he would have created Adam and Steve, or Eve and Sara.

God despises and condemns homosexuality. It doesn't matter if you call it "gay" or "lesbian."

In the end, God will destroy all who don't know Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior. Whether you believe in Him now or not, the day is coming when you will bow before Him and you will confess that He is LORD. Before you tell me that you don't believe in heaven or hell, I will tell you this: "You don't have to believe in hell to go there.

Eric Kramer

If speaking against same-sex unions is considered to be "hateful" then I declare my self to be a very "hateful" person.

We ought to end abortion too.

Judith Maibie

Read more? I'm still wondering why Anthony Romero would tell us his personal story as a gay man by email and then in another email encourage us to Vote Yes on 8 or encourage our friends in California to do so. And who gives a tinker's dam who marries who, anyway? As my mother used to say, God only knows, and he's not talkin'.


It's saddening that we even have to be going through this. It's 2009 and there are still human beings not being treated as such. Keep up the good work.


Judith, Anthony Romero DID NOT ask you to vote yes on Prop 8. You did not read that email correctly. That's why you are questioning an inconsistency that is not there.

Dennis Shearer

This is unthinkable in this country that two consenting adults can't marry. It is nobody's business. I am not pointing fingers as I am divorced myself, but it is my understanding that Jesus didn't say anything about homosexuality, but he had much to say about divorce. Gee, why don't they picket that? I firmly believe no matter who said what, I want religion to have nothing to do with my government. My beliefs are very personal and should not govern you. The saddest things about all of this is that it's my understanding the Mormom church and supports donated something like 20 million dollars to defeat this. I read on the web that 16,000 children die EVERYDAY due to hunger. America has 1.5 million homeless teens and the list goes on and on. Yet, they felt they were doing good with this 20 million? Your kidding me, right? Who's work are they doing? WOW, that is SO SAD it makes me weep.

Dennis Shearer "Liberal Hater" whose post is first. Find your balls and sign your name and also come out of the closet!!!

Tom B.

Maybe someone in each state with a 'one man, one woman' rule should put up a petition for a changein that rule called 'One Man, One Woman, One Chance'. It shall state that for the moral good, all marriages shall consist of one man and one woman, and divorce shall be abolished in all circumstances. No divorce period. You can't leave for money, because you don't love the other person any more, not even in cases of domestic abuse. It says so in the Bible, but I bet 99% of the so-called 'Christians' would take one look at that and cringe..."No, I want to be able to leave my partner and find someone else!" Think about that for a moment, and tell me where your so-called 'morality' lies, those who supported Prop 8.


Okay, here it is, folks. The topic of "marriage" is a "moral" issue for religious-minded people, and if you're fighting for your "Civil Rights", getting lured into arguments over morality is a big misstep that will take you nowhere, forever.

This isn't a Moral issue, it's a Poltical issue.

The arguments start with a basic languaging problem guaranteed to produce and foster misunderstanding. The basic problem arises out of the determined use of the word "marriage". That's what the argument is REALLY about, and that is what you are all haggling over, ultimately.

Give up that word, call it a "Civil Union", and you will get your Civil Right to it.

(Or, beat your head against a brick wall for several more years... and then go do it, I guess...?)


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