Right to Marry: Yes We Should!

Three couples. Three minutes. They show us the human cost of denying gay and lesbian couples the fundamental right to marry. All couples should be allowed to say "Yes We Can" to marriage.

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Mike LA

We are supposed to have a separation of Church and State, so no one religion is favored over any others. Or for those who wish to not believe, they have that right. If "marriage" is considered to be between a man and woman for the sake of God, then city clerks or government offices should not be issuing marriage licenses, but rather "Civil Union" contracts. This would treat all people, gay or straight equally, which is also guaranteed under our Constitution. As well, majority rule is NOT acceptable when basic rights of equality are concerned. The Constitution is also supposed to protect any minority from a majority ruling. Prop 8 was flawed and thwarted by pro-Prop 8 people who claimed (basically - lied) about how this would affect children. They are not taught about any kind of marriage in public school systems. As a society, we should be looking to a future where all people are accepted for their positive contributions, rather than the color of their skin, their religion or their sexuality. We can not truly be free unless everyone is free.


It is amazing that the people that say that they are for smaller government are the one's that insist that the government says who can and cannot marry. Most of you don't realize that you are giving away your own civil liberties in the process of refusing marriage for gays and lesbians! We are one nation and what affects one group of people affects us all. Escalation of this issue is only going to send it to the United States Supreme Court where it will be have to be seen as civil rights issue and ultimately be taken out of the hands of the states to decide. So keep it up! Not only will marriage be legal in California but nationwide!


It constantly amazes me what moral gutter this Country has put itself in. How we have forgotten what our roots were founded in (In God we Trust), and how little regard we give God now in anything. Thanks in no small part to the imbicils that push a new social order, much like this organization. All I can say is Thank You people of Ca, Fla, and Az for helping us preserve some level of diginity in this warped Country we now live in.



Although you may think that you and your specific religion have a claim on this country you are wrong. What makes this country so wonderful is it's diversity. There are many different people in this country with a multitude of different religious beliefs... and yes all of these beliefs should be respected. The founding fathers created a constitution which allows and encourages equal respect to all religious ideas. While I certainly respect your religious beliefs, I recognize that they have no more value than my own. As an agnostic I am not inclined to feel that gay marriage is any more immoral than straight. I do on the other hand, feel that a closed mind is immoral. In this specific case, it is immoral because you are placing your religious beliefs before American civil liberties. Not long ago women in Iran were not forced to wear burkas... but when the religious zealots gained control women were stripped of their civil liberties and forced to conform. This is an example of why there clearly needs to be a separation between church and state.

Luke Thomas

The passage of this law clearly defines gays as abnormal, less than human, thus not worthy of marriage. Even the American Psychiatric Association does NOT list the condition of gayness as abnormal. There is no scientific basis of this ban other than "what the Bible says". This law is dangerous and is one step closer toward arresting and imprisoning gays. It will encourage gay bashing, even hate crimes. Because this is based on religous belief, California has established itself as a baptist fundamentalist state. Now-by LAW-their belief have become YOUR beliefs whether you like it or not. I think it's dangerous when the law pokes its nose in the lives of what two consenting law abiding adults do in their private lives.

Back in the days of slavery, the law did not recognize legal marriage between slaves since they were viewed as property.

I guess the law can do whatever it wants. ANYTHING it wants as it did back then, as it is doing now.

To Sean

Please don't hide behind tolerance when you are the one trying to force everyone to except your beliefs. Gay's and Lesbians need to stop forcing their "RELIGION" on everyone else. I do not hate gays or lesbians, but I do disagree with their "RELIGIOUS" choices of sexuality. It is my RIGHT to believe that way.
The minority or the majority does not have the RIGHT to enforce their view on society. I don't agree with ritual sacrifices either of animals, and under California law they aren't exceptable either. However, under the Gay & Lesbian argument with their belief they should have the right to marry, we all must accept everyone else's beliefs. Do you believe in murder if it's justified, robbing as long you need it. These are unfortunately common beliefs, but they are not Legal, nor should they be. So stop calling people bigots who don't believe the way you do. The people have spoken, and have put it into the highest law of the land save the U.S. Constitution, which I hope and pray is next.

To the ACLU

You know there were 50,000 back alley abortions in New York alone, before it was made legal. Just like there are 18,000 "married" same sex couples in the past 4 to 5 months. What's wrong with these numbers? The first was an out and out LIE made by the abortionist to justify their position, in the argument "everyone is doing it anyway, so let's make it legal." The second one is a 18000 couples lying to themselves, thinking they outsmarted the people of California. And this time they didn't get away with it. Enough is enough, stop the lying and abide by the LAW! Which by the way states their 18000 same sex marriages are now and always will be INVALID in the state of California!


Let's talk a moment about this sham called 'immutable characteristics'....

Is religion an 'immutible characteristic'? I don't think so..and yet the cornerstone of this nation is built upon freedom of religion....

The 14th Amendment will ultimately set the gays free.....


God did not give anyone the right to get married. The purpose of marriage is a revenue device that has been used by churches so that they could charge people a fee to get married in the eyes of their God. And for governments to tax and give benefits to people. You cannot get a marriage license from God. It comes from the government. And you do not need God to get married. You don't even need a church or a minister.


I praise the name of Jesus everyday and this argument can be settled with one word...vote.
The celebrities and famous people of California campaigned against prop 8 and donated their money to make it fail. The people of California expressed their views and passed the legislation. If the government cannot respect the people that they are supposed to represent, they should be removed.
Think of this....if every decision, including the vote for our presidents, senate or house leaders was subject to be overturned, our system of democracy would fall into ruin.
The ACLU should respect the voice of the people of California and back off. This is the second time that they have spoken, don't send them back to the polls for a third time...they may defeat you in numbers that would truly make you feel disappointed.
Let prop 8 stand and same-sex couples need to make sure their rights to domestic partnerships remain secure.


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