From Seattle to Clarkston: Why Voters Should Approve Ref. 71

Like a lot of Washingtonians, I was holding my breath hoping that Protect Marriage Washington wouldn’t gather enough signatures to put the new domestic partnership law up to a popular vote. But then on September 2nd, the signature count was certified and so in November, those voters committed enough go to the polls on an off-year election will be asked to vote on whether to approve the domestic partnership law passed earlier this year by Washington’s legislature.

As someone who was born and raised in Washington (Olympia, to be specific, the state capital and home of some pretty amazing riot grrrl rock bands), I wanted to help out my home state on efforts to pass the referendum and keep domestic partnerships. Coordinating with the Approve Referendum 71 Campaign, I began a state-wide search for the domestic partners with the most compelling stories – stories that could educate voters about the important benefits and protections provided by domestic partnerships.

It’s hard not to be moved to support domestic partnerships when you hear Rose and Joe, a straight senior couple who live in the far northeast part of the state, talk about how their domestic partnership helps them cope with Rose’s medical issues. It’s hard to question the service gay and lesbian couples provide to our communities when you listen to Cindy and Janet talk about the six kids they adopted from foster care. And I challenge you not to cry when you hear Cathlin and her partner Avril speak about the uncertainties they face with Cathlin’s cancer treatments.

You can watch videos of more Washington couples here:

Watch videos of Washington couples

If you have friends in Washington, please remind them to vote to Approve Referendum 71 on November 3rd. And if you have a few bucks to spare, please take the opportunity to support the Approve Ref. 71 Campaign.

To learn more, visit Get Busy Get Equal.

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Jerry Turk

I am sick of your continued efforts to rip out everything this country was founded upon. The most sickening is your support of same sex marriages, taking down all the crosses on American military grave sites and eliminating prayer oveer American grave sites.

What should be outlawed is the ACLU.


The bigots love to talk about family values but it is people like Avril and Cathlin who actualy live true family values.I also think that those kids in the photo won't be thinking of suicide if they find themselves in love with someone of their own gender.I just wish we could sat the same of the children of the bigots.


Jerry, please check your sources before you display your ignorance. Any opinion you may offer concerning same sex marriage is nullified by your errors in accusing the ACLU of removing personal religious symbols and prayer from military grave sites. I personally think the ACLU is doing great work.


I am wondering just who it was that told Mr. Jerry the outrageous LIE above that ACLU was seeking to eliminate prayer over American grave sites, or taking down all the crosses on American military grave sites. Whoever it was, he or she didn't know their butt from buckshot.

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