The Secret Weapon in the No on Prop. 8 Fight

There’s a secret weapon in the campaign against Proposition 8 in California, the ballot measure that would eliminate marriage for gay couples in that state.

It’s you — and the power of your personal story told to your friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances.

The No on 8 Campaign has built a fantastic new tool for you to spread the word among your personal network.

Use it to email everyone you know in California to tell them how unfair Prop 8 is and what this measure means to you personally.

It’s easy. It’s free. And there’s no more persuasive an advocate for fairness and equality than you.

Even if you think a friend of yours in California is going to vote the right way, use this tool to email him or her anyway. We fear that many good-hearted folks will be discouraged by the length of the ballot from voting on state propositions. And we know some who support marriage for gay couples will be confused by the measure and vote yes. So even a reminder to be sure to vote on Proposition 8, and to vote NO, is important.

Thank you in advance for helping spread the word.

Want to learn more about how to fight for relationship recognition for same-sex couples? Visit the ACLU LGBT Project’s online toolkit, Get Busy, Get Equal!

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This is the weakest appeal I've ever read. "Spread the word" like a game of Kindergarten whisper in your friends ear and pass it around. Major civil rights for gay people are being taken away. What more is the ACLU doing to help Defeat the Mormons and the Evengelicals who are pumping in tons of money into this campaign? Can the ACLU being questioning the tax exempt status of these organizations?

The No on 8 ads suck. The Yes on 8 ads say that children are going to be indoctrinated in school. Is this true ACLU? How do can you get a counter message out? We need your help. Upton Sinclair is rolling over in his grave thinking about his golden state of California!!!!


Proposition 8 MUST PASS!!!


What is the ACLU doing to Stop Prop 8 in California? If you look at their main web site their’s nothing. If prop 8 looses in California, a bell weather state, it will be one of the biggest losses for gay rights of all time and human rights as well. If our neighbor Canada provides the right for same sex marriage, yet we are fighting desperately to keep this right in CA. But you see nothing on the ACLU main web site. Nothing at the top of the ACLU alert lists. What kind of legal action is the ACLU taking against hateful religious institutions like the Mormons and the Knights of Columbus. Nothing. Where are you ACLU?

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