Time’s Running Out to Urge Californians to Vote NO

There are just five days left until voters in California will vote on Proposition 8, which would strip lesbian and gay couples of the fundamental right to marry. Although a Field Poll released today shows that we have a decent shot at defeating the initiative, there are still a large number of undecided voters. If we all speak up, we can turn those undecidededs into no votes.

The easiest way to encourage friends and family to vote no on Proposition 8 is to click here to send them a prewritten e-mail that you can personalize. While this may seem obvious, remember to tell people to vote NO. We’ve heard reports that some people have found the language confusing and accidentally entered a yes vote when they intended to vote no.

If you have the time, why not send a personal message? Or better yet, get creative. Use social networking sites like My Space, Facebook and Linkedin. Or do like Pedro Marcucci did and make a YouTube video like the one he shared with me below.  Together, we can defeat Prop. 8!

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