Too Gay to be President? Houston, We Have a Problem!

It’s not often that I am genuinely shocked by comments by a member of Congress. Obviously whenever you have a geographically, politically (and in pretty much every other way) diverse group of 535 people, you’ll occasionally hear some pretty wild/inspiring/disappointing/anger-inducing/etc. things. Still, I must confess to being shocked at reading the comments that South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint made to columnist Al Hunt on the prospect of having an openly gay or lesbian president.

DeMint considers such a prospect to be “immoral” and even cringe-worthy! Amazingly enough, his comments don’t even end there. In discussing marriage equality, he goes on to tell Hunt: “Governments should not be in the business of promoting a behavior that’s proven to be destructive to our society.”

It’s not often that you hear such nakedly homophobic rubbish from our highest elected officials in the country. Additionally, coming on the heels of an election that upended previous conceptions of who we thought could become president, his comments are also behind the times.

In fact, you don’t even have to go back to 2008 to find an election that upended the previous conceptions of electability. This past weekend, Houston became the largest American city to date to elect an openly gay or lesbian mayor — Annise Parker. You know what they say about messing with Texas Senator DeMint, so I’d tread lightly. Congrats to Mayor-elect Parker!

By the way, Annise and her partner have been together for nearly 20 years and are raising two children together.

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Jim DeMint for President!!!!! Praise God someone had the guts to say the truth. Nobody in their right mind wants a FAG or a DYKE being our President. We would be the laughing stock of the world if we let some perverted sodomite run our nation. As for messing with Texas, you liberal morons at the ACLU have been messing with Texas for years now regarding their use of the death penalty. Hey all you sick perverted queers may get the death penalty if you mess with Texas. We are proud of you Senator DeMint!


hmmmm let's see how those kids the lesbos are raising end up. It is not homophobic to oppose homosexual behavior. Many people do not fear gay people, we just think they are living in rebellion against God and that their lifestyle is destructive to their soul. You think Christians are strange, mean, cruel, etc. I think homosexuals are deceived, distorted and a perversion to society. Fair enough.


anon #2, this is a great country. You are allowed to think what you want and say what you want. You are not free to take away someone else's Constitutionally granted rights because you disagree with them.

J. Ivey not afr...

Why do I have to live according to your religion? Why am I to live according to your values? If you are a "Christian" can you not understand the bible? It clear says do not judge and it also says if you are not a virgin when you marry that you need to be stoned to death and many other things but I must be one who picks and chooses what is in the bible and apply it when it fits your convenience.


Any one who is gay should have as much rights as anyone else in the world.


Thank you anonymous poster have convinced me to become a card carrying member of the ACLU. As soon as I post this comment I'm going to the DONATE page and giving $100. Good job, ass-hat!


RooDee, thank you. I responded to the year-end matching fund drive with a check this morning. I was not as generous as you, but every bit helps.


@RooDee: Just for you, I donated $200 :)


Smamodon, good for you. Anyone else want to thank the anonymous posters by making a contribution?


@RooDee @Smarmodon: You both are very generous. I do not have much money, but as soon as I read your comments, I donated $50 more! Keep up the good work, guys. SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY & EQUAL RIGHTS!!

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