Don’t Be Fooled by North Carolina, There Is No Repeal of The Anti-Trans HB2, Only More Discrimination.

What do they say about déjà vu all over again?

That is what seems to be happening in North Carolina where lawmakers are again rushing through a poorly thought-out, dangerous backroom deal under the guise of removing their hideous anti-LGBTQ law, HB2. But behind closed doors, in the middle of the night, all we are left with is a claimed “compromise” to repeal HB2 that just further entrenches discrimination against LGBTQ North Carolinians.

Fight for trans youth

You may remember North Carolina’s infamous House Bill 2 (HB2), the bill that has cost the state over $3.75 billion dollars, cost its former Gov. Pat McCrory his election, and cost thousands of LGBTQ North Carolinians their piece of mind and safety. It has been a stain on the state compounding the disgrace of a General Assembly that had already systematically worked to disenfranchise Black voters and solidify power for those already seated in office.

Yesterday, as the legislature approached today’s deadline imposed by the NCAA to repeal HB2, newly elected Gov. Roy Cooper, Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore reached what they are calling a “compromise” repeal of HB2.

But let us be clear – this is no compromise. This is no repeal. This is HB2.0 and is perhaps more insidious in its targeting of LGBTQ – and particularly of trans and gender non-conforming – people. It is a backroom deal that shows no input from the community, that shows no leadership from lawmakers, that shows a callous disregard for the basic humanity of the trans and gender non-conforming people that call North Carolina home.

The bill does repeal HB2, but it just replaces it with prohibitions on local government entities (including cities, towns, schools) from extending legal protections to LGBT people until 2020 and bans on protections for transgender individuals in restrooms and other single-sex spaces forever.  The bill makes it illegal to protect people from discrimination. And worse still, it does so under a claimed interest in protecting “bathroom safety and privacy.”

No matter how many times these lies are restated, they will never be true. Letting trans people use the restroom as we must and have always done harms no one. Our bodies do not make others unsafe. We do not infringe on the privacy rights of others by existing in the world.

Being unfamiliar or uncomfortable with us does not translate into a right to expel us from society. And make no mistake, that is once again, what HB2.0 does. This is another iteration of the same – and worse because it shuts down the momentum from the past year of work against HB2. It derails the litigation, the organizing, and the public perception of what is happening.

Already in 2017, at least 8 trans women of color have been murdered. Trans young people and their families are reeling from the loss of support from the federal government. Trans people are forced to listen to people tell us we are unworthy of safety, of peace, of comfort, of simply surviving.

This is no time to play politics with our lives. This is a time to be bold in the defense of justice.

Shame on you, Roy Cooper, and everyone in the North Carolina General Assembly pushing this dangerous and fake repeal. We will not be fooled. We will fight on.

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Well, while I oppose HB142 (and HB2), I do agree that this article does contain misinformation. For instance, it states that HB2 has cost the state 3.75 billion dollars. If you actually read the article to which that statement links, you'll see that the analysis was it would cost the state that much over a dozen years. By making careless errors like that, the author undermines the message.

SA Weir

Yep, it's another farce. I voted for Cooper, not expecting much, and so far my expectations have been fulfilled. Ignorance is excusable, bigotry not so much; "small government conservatives" INCREASING the power of the state over local government on local matters is absurd and self-contradictory, and calling this bill a "repeal" of HB2 is simply a lie. FYI I'm a straight white male. People who think they don't have any queer people among their family and friends are fooling themselves.


The governor of NC just sold his sole to the devil. He will have to answer to God he is now hell bound God gate gays read Lev. Chapter 20 God destroyed sodem and gormara because of homosexuals NC will be punished this opens doors to predititors Our governor is not Christian my God destroy him and all that voted to allow this there is no such thing as Christian gays you all are going to HELL


I'm thinking that you've never actually read that book called The Bible, because it says quite clearly in Ezekiel 16:49 - "'Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy."

Either you've never read it cover-to-cover, or you're willfully ignorant and promoting something other than the word of God.

I suspect the latter.


Jesus Christ.

Your ignorant statement is compounded by your pathetic, kindergarten-level spelling.

My suggestion? Take the time you take to misread the Bible and try working on simple spelling.

Disgusted with ...

The multiple "billions" lost du to HB@ is a lie. The economy has been great since we got rid of the Democrat controlled legislature....all they ever did was tax and spend. Our NC economy and business climate has been wonderful with the Republicans in control. Yes we lost sports events because of HB2 even thought there was nothing wrong with HB2. The only thing wrong was Mayor Roberts and the looneytunes in Charlotte.

True, the sports people are trying to blackmail us as are some entertainers. Just know that, the rest of the economy is doing great in spite of their attemps at coercion. And if truth be told, businesses came because of HB2 from the reports I have read.

Too bad the politicians buckled and reversed it. They need to gave a statewide referendom....actually we need a national referendom on this issue. But no, the looney left wants to push their idiotic pathology on us.

Oh, well. There is nothing new under the sun. We will survive this too. And the truth will win out in the end.


This ACLU article is WRONG about the new law. It DOES fully repeal HB2. It repeals the part of HB2 which removed discrimination protections WITHOUT QUALIFICATION. The part about bathrooms is also repealed. The only thing that is prohibited until 2020 is local governments making their own "balhroom" laws. This ACLU article is wrong to state that employment/business/contractor discriminations are somehow allowed until 2020, or for any time period.

It is truly sad to find out that the organization dedicated to protecting civil rights is engaged in fear-mongering, patently false propaganda. I thought you had integrity, ACLU!


Read for yourselves:


Sorry about that, links above didn't paste right. Here's the fixed links:


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