Executive Action Needed to End Employment Discrimination

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In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama promised to make 2014 a "year of action." The Obama's words offer reason for optimism, and he touched on a number of important civil liberties and civil rights issues in his address, including the economic security of families and pay equity for women.

Obama said he would continue to work with Congress, but, if necessary, take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, which is exactly what he needs to do right now to help stop employment discrimination in the workforce.

The country needs to do away with workplace policies that belong in episodes of "Mad Men," as Obama said last week. In Congress, passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and Paycheck Fairness Act would transform the national landscape regarding employment discrimination against LGBT and female workers.

Obama has been a leader on pay equity issues and an outspoken supporter of ENDA and the Paycheck Fairness Act, and American workers are very much looking forward to the day when these commonsense and overdue measures are finally signed into law. By acting today, however, Obama could strike a blow against workplace discrimination, as well as provide momentum for further action in Congress.

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Ask President Obama to end workplace discrimination for 26 million workers. Sign the petition asking President Obama to sign the executive order NOW.

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Vicki B.

Belong in an episode of "Mad Men." ROFLMFAO


... the equal employment must be extended to rehabilitated prisoners who paid jail, additionally they suppored and used the all vending machines placed in prisons that are given dividents to few peoples. No only they have fines to pay, also they are restricted to work freely after the prison, and many return to the same activities, desperates to find some money that the society and the government didnt provide with decent jobs. We have to fight for the right to job of those minorities that were paying sentences in jail. Thank you.


Well, I have an all-Republican family and any time he TAKES an executive action, they start complaining and calling him a tyrant, saying he rules like a despot. As if they all didn't do that every second of every day. They do.
They allow themselves to do anything they want but if anyone else does it anyone else is a tyrant and despot.
I'm so far beyond sick and tired of that attitude that I've actually thought about not seeing them anymore. People that get together only a few times a year; why in the world does it have to be cluttered with nothing but dissension.


I am a Republican, please do not delete my email (LOL) I'm asking for your help. 1) to help pass Arbitration Act 2013-14. I work for a Fortune 100 Company who is discriminating against almost
everyone who uses FMLA. They can do this, because they are protected under Arbitration. They can continue to break the law and fire those who are on FMLA because they will never be held accountable because of Arbitration. They have retaliated against, even our Military / Veterans. We have Video's, emails, documents, recordings to prove the discrimination. EEOC is behind by 18 months, Lawyers do not want to take cases that are protected with Arbitration. They recently tried to fire an employee because they sent a few emails to HR to investigate the retaliation, well the outcome, the employee heard her own termination call which was on a public calendar for ALL to call in.... Is there any government agency that can step in and STOP this retaliation immediately and How do we get the Arbitration ACT overturned. (yes I realize it's the Republicans stopping this bill from being passed) I'm disgusted and in process of changing my voting status, seriously. The severe retaliation started 3 years ago, after the company ensured we all signed arbitration. Both my Husband (15 years with this company and 19 years with Military) who is a Veteran (he was asked to take a demotion, while he was on Military leave, deployment to Afghanistan (who was awarded a Bronze star, but worried if he even had a job upon returning) and Me (25 years with this company) for an OJI - moved to terminate me during my open OJI fmla case, with more than 20 documented items (there are so many more, court filings / which have been squashed because of arbitration), eeoc filings, I think there are about 50 + employee's that I'm aware of and the situation hasn't even gone public yet. By the way, I've emailed every Republican Senator my story.... not 1 response.


In order to end the discriminated pay, one must first understand where it comes from and where it starts. Instead of writing a thousand words here, please search for equalpayenforcementact it is at wordpress dot com.

Thank you.


Oh yeah. That's right. Tell him to do something that when he finally does do on other issues he gets to be freakin' SUED for doing it - with OUR goddam tax dollars.
The low-down lame-brained hideous excuse for walking on two-legs asshole can't even use his own goddam money.
Then don't the hell SUE anybody. You stupid-ass brain-dead vile scum. Use your own money. I'm TIRED of every sleazy-ass politician using MY funds to do all this stupid-as-hell shit.

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