Handy Tips for Transgender Travelers

The hubbub over the TSA naked machines and "enhanced pat-downs" impact everyone who travels. But if you're a transgender individual, you might be especially wary of what you'll confront in the security line. So be sure to check out the National Center for Transgender Equality's travel tips for transgender individuals. They also offer a FAQ on Whole Body Imaging (PDF).

And remember, if feel you were singled out or treated differently because you are transgender, be sure to let us know with this form, and file a complaint with the TSA.

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Trans genders unite! Lets tie up the system with paperwork so that potential terrorist have more freedom to do their destructioin. -- Arizore


The above comment sounds very sarcastic. Complaint paperwork shouldn't tie up any intelligence activities.


The TSA doesn't really have any intelligence and complaints will end up with you harassed (see breast milk mom) or on a watch list as a "domestic extremist."

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