The NCAA Still Has a Chance to Do the Right Thing and Stand Up for Trans Rights

Any day now, the NCAA will announce which cities will host championship events from 2018-2022.

Through emails and petitions, tens of thousands of you have told the NCAA and its president Mark Emmert: Stay out of North Carolina. Don’t condone discrimination.

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In late March, the Republican-led legislature and Democratic governor cynically came together to endorse House Bill 142, deceptively labeled a “repeal” of now-notorious anti-LGBT House Bill 2. In fact, by permanently banning protections allowing transgender North Carolinians to use the right restroom — which is necessary to fully participate in public life — and by prohibiting all local nondiscrimination ordinances until 2020, the new law doubles down on discrimination.

Rather than rejecting HB 142 for what it was, the NCAA announced that the new bill created a “minimally” acceptable nondiscriminatory environment.  We didn’t know what that meant, so we submitted public records requests asking potential host cities and schools how they plan on ensuring safety for transgender students, fans, athletes, and coaches.

HB 142 has the potential to set a dangerous precedent for other states if powerful organizations like the NCAA give them their blessing. Already, states like Texas are rushing to pass anti-trans bills like HB 2899, a virtual copycat of HB 142.

Despite misleading media reports, tens of thousand of you understood that the replacement bill still allows discrimination. The NCAA would be wise to heed those calls and to listen to other credible voices telling them what the replacement bill means for transgender people:

  • Team USA duathlete Chris Mosier, a man who is transgender, said, “HB142 creates an unsafe environment for those who are, or are perceived to be, transgender. [HB 142] situates me as a transgender person as a threat … which I am not. And transgender people are not.”
  • California Attorney General Xavier Becerra reaffirmed that it will continue to prohibit state-sponsored travel to North Carolina because HB 142 “does not cure” discrimination. The Golden State joins Minnesota, New York, and Washington State, in addition to Atlanta, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C., in banning non-essential government travel because of HB 142.

We should also remind the NCAA that the day after its “reluctant” announcement, the North Carolina legislature introduced a bill that would enhance criminal penalties for transgender people simply using the restroom consistent with their gender identity.  That’s about as far from creating a safe environment as we can imagine. 

Will the NCAA do the right thing? Don’t sit on the sidelines. Add your voice.

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I’m not shocked that gays & lesbians would be more likely to support indecent exposure & pedophilia when it’s gay/lesbian incl. make excuses for gays who have sex in bathrooms. Again, gays who have sex in public restrooms are also more likely to be drug junkies & gay pedophiles. If a homosexual is harassing others in public restrooms, then chances are that the homosexual could be high on drugs like meth. Lesbians have also harassed others in bathrooms.

See how lesbian Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt sexually abused a 14 year old girl in a public restroom, homosexual groups exploited kids to rally for a lesbian who had sex with a 14 year old girl in a public bathroom and people harassed the victim’s parents for calling the cops. She had no business having sex with a minor and she had no right to do indecency in a public bathroom. If an adult wants to do homosexual or lesbian conduct with other knowing and consenting adults in their own home or apartment and not harass others about it, then it’s their life, though it’s harmful behavior.

The parents did the right thing calling the police to report this sex abuse and for people to condemn and harass the parents for doing this is wrong. She again had no right to be having sex with a minor and she had no right doing it in a bathroom. For homsexual groups to get children to rally for Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt after she sexually abused this minor girl is wrong-exploiting children for causes.

Daily Kos and Huffington Post are apologists for gays & lesbians who commit sex abuse It‘s no surprise that Judy Shepard, corrupt ex cop Greg Joseph Miraglia, Laramie Project and Big Island Chronicle‘s Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt see nothing wrong with Florida lesbian Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt committing sex abuse on a 14 year old girl in a public bathroom & are against this lesbian going to jail for what she did to this teenage girl.

Gay/lesbian groups are predictable and side with gays or in this case a lesbian no matter what wrong the lesbian does. Though most gays don’t have bathroom encounters, gay groups think it’s OK for gays& lesbians to have sex in public bathrooms & are against cops arresting gays who do these things. What’s sad are the kids who are rallying for Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt sexually abusing a 14 year old girl and again Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt admitted to having sex with an underage girl in a public bathroom.

14 year old girl is the victim here because as Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt’s the adult, Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt has no right to be having sex with a 14 year old girl. It’s evil to use kids to rally behind a person who again has sex with an underage girl in a public restroom because again, the bathroom isn’t the place for having sex-when people can’t see anything wrong with this indecent exposure, then there’s something wrong with the people. Most likely, adults urged kids to rally for Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt & that is wrong-using children for propaganda. & harassing the victim’s parents because they reported this crime is wrong.

Gay Lover

You are ignorant. Gays, Lesbians, Transexuals and other LGBTQ... members do not endorse pedophiles or the assault of children.

The vast majority of sexual crimes against children are committed by middle aged STRAIGHT WHITE MALES. Straight white males account for more than 75% of child assaults.

So the problem is straight white males, like the doctor who raped all those gymnast, Or that football coach who likes little white boy penis. Watch the white males, they are predators.


The priests who molest young boys are gay pedophiles. If a man has sex with little girls only, then he is a straight pedophile. Rush H. Limbaugh’s right when he said Jerry A. Sandusky is gay-a gay pedophile and columnist Patrick J. Buchanan condemns gay priests who molest young boys. Those priests are again gay pedophiles, pederasts or homolesters. So there are many homosexual pedophiles such as the gay priests, Jerry A. Sandusky. Though it's repeat it must be said again. If a person has homosexual activities with a young boy, then they are a homosexual pedofile.

Not all gays & lesbians support pedophilia but gays & lesbians are more likely to tolerate pedophilia when it’s gay/lesbian. I have thought about this & don't think any1 can rebut conclusion that childhood sex abuse victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles have more risk of turning out gay/lesbian by copying the conduct they learned because think you know that conduct incl. sexual conduct can be learned. You can call me ignorant,idiot, etc., but there's nothing any1 can say to change my mind on this.


I suppose you were molested so you know that molested boys and girls have a higher rate of being homosexual. Your are still ignorant. I mean that compassionately. You need more education, and not just from the Bible.

Sexual preference has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether you were molested or not. There are zero studies supporting that argument. On the contrary, more married straight people are likely to have homosexual thoughts and desires than the general population.

However, I do agree that at the moment you violate a child you become a pedophile. However that doesn't make you gay even if the victim is of the same sex. It just makes you a sick human who feeds on others weaknesses. Much like religion does.

No the priests were not Gay. No Sandusky is not Gay. They are sick.


Most men and most teenage boys do not have interest in teenage girls who have not finished puberty. If you see who most men have interest in when it comes to women. Most men have interest in women who are in their 20s, 30s to early 40s with women in 20s being most popular, 30s popular and early to mid 40s a woman’s last pretty years. A woman’s prime years when it comes to sexual beauty for most men is when she is in her 20s and 30s with most beautiful years being when a woman is 18 to 35 years old.

But when you look at who gays have interest in-gays interest sexually are teenage boys to men in early 20s who still have acne. Once a man’s hairline recedes (while it varies this often is noticeable when a man is in early to late 20s), most gays find him too old because the youth is gone. And just because a gay is in a long term relationship such as 20 years, that usually is not their only relationship. They often bring teenage boys to their home. Of course they won’t usually admit this to avoid arrest going to jail and why they are secretive. Truth is that gay/lesbian groups think it’s Okay for gays to molest teenage boys.

From the times I have known gays, gays like teenagers (usually 18 or 19 -barely legal) to men in early 20s. It’s truth that gays like men who are boyish looking-those who still have a full head of hair and acne-there are many gays who have interest in 16 year old teenagers-such as Milk and Liberace. Once the acne clears, a man’s hairline recedes, full grown beard and so on such as in mid 20s, gays begin to lose interest because he looks too old.


I'm a nonreligious person who sees something wrong with homosexual & lesbian conduct & I think that they must make it a crime to do sex changes. Even if orientation doesnt change, best for gays/lesbians to be celibate just as best for a person with tobacco orientation not to smoke. If homosexuality is inborn as some scientists believe, then it would be a birth defect.

Homosexual/lesbian conduct needs to be marginalized such as smoking/tobacco use is. I know my view offends homosexuals, but most smokers do not get offended by negative views of tobacco use. So homosexuals/lesbians have to hear others give negative views of their sex lives, because there is something wrong with this just as there�s something wrong with smoking.


I spoke on June 20, 2016 to Cliff Kincaid because of columns he wrote here here &

Now Cliff in the past, has talked of how most media is pro-gay, fact that many gays & lesbians were victims of pedophiles as kids which ruined their sexuality with in worse cases, turning out to be gay/lesbian pedophiles, fact that gays & lesbians are more likely to be drug junkies, sell drugs as here’s an article Cliff Kincaid wrote in 2015 In 2010, Cliff Kincaid wrote a column where among other things discusses higher drug junkyism rates of gays & lesbians here

I called Cliff on June 20, 2016 telling him that I wouldn’t be surprised if 1 or more of Orlando victims were drug dealers & or gay pedophiles. I told Cliff Kincaid as I have said here-while mass murder is wrong, that doesn’t mean martyr the victims because if a drug dealer is murdered, we punish the murderer, but we don’t martyr the drug dealer. Cliff Kincaid asked on how do we know there were drug dealers & that 49 innocent people were killed. I told Cliff Kincaid the fact that many gays & lesbians were victims of pedophiles, that many gays & lesbians are drug junkies along with fact that gay/lesbian bars are known to sell drugs like Extasy, Meth, Cocaine, etc. & that ugly facts don’t change just because people were murdered.

Cliff Kincaid hung up, because he can’t rebut. I think Cliff Kincaid was dishonest as for years, Cliff Kincaid has talked about this but on June 20, 2016, he hangs up when these facts are said. It’s possible that drugs such as Meth, Extasy & Cocaine were sold @ the Orlando gay pub as pubs are known to get drug dealers. Possible that 1 or more of the Orlando victims were as kids victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles which ruined their sexuality & don’t be surprised if 1 or more of the Orlando victims themselves turned out to be pedophiles by copying conduct they learned.

I don’t think Mr. Cliff Kincaid is surprised by this. I don’t think Cliff Kincaid’s honest when he told me that 49 victims were innocent, as he also did in 1 column. I again told Cliff Kincaid that mass murder is wrong, but that we must not martyr the murder victims because getting murdered doesn’t change ugly facts about the victim. Cliff Kincaid’s reply to me was dishonest & he hung up because he can’t rebut what I said or what he has said for years in his interviews with Peter J. LaBarbera or his columns where Cliff Kincaid talked of high drug junkyism rates that gays & lesbians have, etc.


People are offended by me saying that possibly 1 or more of the Orlando victims were pedophiles & or drug dealers. In gay/lesbian pubs-drugs like Meth, Extasy are sold as drug junkyism high among them. With pedophilia, many gays were molested as children which ruined their sexuality & some even turn out to be pedophiles. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out 1 or more of the Orlando victims were pedophiles & or drug dealers. Mass murder is wrong but that doesn’t mean worship the victims. Gay/lesbian groups worship gay pedophile Harvey B. Milk. Now I support free speech right for homosexuals to martyr or worship Harvey B. Milk & I support their free speech right to have rainbow flag.

But gay/lesbian groups have pushed Harvey B. Milk day on others such as Harvey.B. Milk day in schools where school kids worship a gay pedophile & that is wrong. Gay/lesbian groups also try to censor others who tell ugly truths on who Harvey B. Milk & other gay pedophiles were. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Orlando victims thought it’s OK to push H.B. Milk day in schools & I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Orlando victims were apologists for gay/lesbian pedophilia. While most gays & lesbians are not pedophiles, gays & lesbians are more likely to support pedophilia when it’s gay/lesbian as gay groups or their friends such as Shepard Foundation’s JC Marsden, Judy L. Shepard, Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt, etc. support gay pedophile Methew Wayne Shepard. It’s no surprise that Shepard Foundation’s JC Marsden & Judy L. Shepard also supports gay pedophile H.B. Milk incl. pushing Harvey B. Milk day on schoolkids. No, not all gays & lesbians support pedophilia but honestly, gays & lesbians are more likely to tolerate pedophilia when it’s gay/lesbian. Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt abuses her 2 children so Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt thinks child abuse is OK.


What a sick human you are. Orlando victims are just that, victims. Your comments are harassing and lies. I wouldn't be surprised if you were a pedophile since you seem so interested. Well are you. Go ahead, turn yourself in you sick puppy.


Though posters know this, here’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out if 1 or more of the victims were gay pedophiles & or drug dealers. The life of gays & lesbians (though not always) often have bad childhood such as fact that many gays & lesbians were victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles as kids.

1. People who are victims of same sex pedophilia are more likely to turn out gay/lesbian in adulthood, copying the sexual behavior they learned. In worse cases, victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles turn out to be gay/lesbian pedophiles in adulthood. This is esp. true for gay men & wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out 1 or more of the gay men killed in Orlando had been as a boy molested by gay pedophiles such as gay Catholic priests which caused them to repeat sexual conduct they learned from their abuse & possibly even turn out to be gay pedophiles.

2. People who are victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles along with being more likely to turn out gay/lesbian are also more likely to have problems such as depression, drug junkyism & drunkardism. They’re more likely to use drugs such as Meth, Cocaine & Extasy. In some cases, junkies can sell drugs along with using them or be a drug courier or lookout for drug dealers for money. In pubs, drugs are often sold & pubs are known to get drunkards, junkies & drug dealers.

Now I know this offends people with posters telling me how I’m trashing people who aren’t here to defend themselves. But ugly facts don’t change because some1 is murdered & it wouldn’t surprise me if 1 or more of the victims were pedophiles & or drug junkies + drug dealers because again, many gays & lesbians were victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles which ruined their sexuality & people who are victimized like this are more likely to turn out gay/lesbian in adulthood incl. turn out to be gay/lesbian pedophiles & more likely to be drug junkies incl. in some cases, sell drugs. Think the offended posters know this but hate that I’m not shy & raise this.


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