Texas Looking to Follow North Carolina’s Shameful Lead in Targeting Transgender People

Hundreds of transgender Texans, alongside their families, friends, and colleagues, gathered in Austin on Tuesday to testify against Senate Bill 6 — a bill targeting transgender individuals.

The measure, which passed the out of the Senate State Affairs Committee after a hearing that went through the night, closely resembles North Carolina’s controversial law, HB 2, which was passed last year after a one-day special session. The central purpose of the bill, like North Carolina’s, is to expel transgender people from common restrooms in schools and other public buildings.

Even though the proposed law has been condemned by businesses; major sports organizations, including the National Football League; and the hundreds of transgender individuals and their families who came out to testify in opposition, the measure advanced out of committee propelled by dangerous myths about transgender people.

Supporters of the bill claim it is necessary to protect women and children, but the experience of schools, cities, states, medical experts, domestic violence prevention groups and women’s organizations across the country has shown these measures do nothing to protect women and children.

Indeed, by expelling transgender people from public life and sending the message to transgender youth that they are unfit to share space with their peers, laws and policies like Texas’s SB6 contribute to the disproportionately high rates of harassment, bullying, and violence that transgender individuals — particularly transgender women and girls of color — face.

Plain and simple: mandating discrimination against transgender people protects no one.

And these bills aren’t really about protecting people. At their core, measures like SB6 are predicated on a belief that transgender individuals are not real, that we are “confused” and “troubled” and simply incompatible with the social order. Animated by this idea, the bills attempt to — and often succeed at — pushing transgender students out of school and all transgender people out of public life.

But as a group of unions representing millions of teachers across the country explained in a brief to the Supreme Court in support of transgender teenager Gavin Grimm, “Transgender people cannot be wished away. Being transgender is not a fad. It is innate; not a choice.” Given this, the brief continues, “most educators and education policy makers understand that schools work best when they fully welcome transgender students into the educational community.”

There is such simplicity to this idea, which we have learned time and time again in our history — discrimination hurts us all.

Unfortunately, though, the movement on SB6 is just the latest in a series of setbacks over the past few weeks in the fight for transgender justice.

Wednesday morning’s committee vote in Austin came less than two days after the Supreme Court sent Gavin Grimm’s landmark transgender rights case back to a lower court to reconsider his win in a years-long fight just to use the restroom at his school. The court’s action was tied to the Trump administration’s decision last month to rescind guidance documents that had been issued by the Obama Departments of Education and Justice clarifying protections for transgender students under Title IX, the federal law banning sex discrimination in schools.

Neither the Supreme Court’s action in Gavin’s case nor the Trump administration rescission of the guidance changes the law or the legal protections that transgender students enjoy under Title IX and the Constitution. But they do send a disturbing message to the transgender young people who are just trying to go to school and survive — that they are unworthy of the same dignity and respect as their peers and should be ashamed of who they are.

Thankfully, though, those cruel messages are being drowned out by the growing and stronger messages of love and support.

Reflecting on the “two crazy, stressful, busy, breathtaking, rewarding, beautiful, fantastic years” that he has been fighting his case, Gavin Grimm wrote on Tuesday:

“[Today] I stand stronger and prouder than ever. I stand not only with my family and friends, but with millions of supporters who stand with me. I stand with so many wonderful people at the A.C.L.U. that I proudly call my family. I know now what I did not know then; I will be fine. Regardless of what obstacles come before me, regardless of what hatred or ignorance or discrimination I face, I will be fine, because I have love on my side.”

The fight for transgender justice is “bigger than me,” Gavin concluded. “It is for all trans youth who are in school or one day will be. It is for the friends and loved ones of these youth, who want these children to be happy and healthy, rather than at risk and in danger as so many trans people are.”

With yet another front in the fight for transgender justice emerging in Texas, Gavin’s call to defend the rights of transgender youth to be happy and healthy should mobilize us to act.

It is time to #showup4transyouth in Texas and around the country. To #StandWithGavin is to carry this fight on until no transgender person fears violence or discrimination just because of who they are.

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If you go to women's locker rooms such as in a gym, you can see women changing & if there are beautiful women in there changing, then yes, I'd like to see that, esp. if a woman's has nice big natural boobs. If a man can find a woman in the women's locker room who wants to have sex with a man, then he'll take her home. Also when a woman pees, farts and shits in the bathroom, she has to get bottom nude in order to sit down on toilet to pee, fart and shit.

Men would like for pretty women to go into men's bathrooms & men want to be able to go into women's bathrooms if there are pretty women in there. Men don't want other men shitting there & most men would rather see a pretty nude woman in men's bathroom & men want to go into women's bathrooms to see pretty women naked.


I’m not shocked that gays & lesbians would be more likely to support indecent exposure & pedophilia when it’s gay/lesbian incl. make excuses for gays who have sex in bathrooms. Again, gays who have sex in public restrooms are also more likely to be drug junkies & gay pedophiles. If a homosexual is harassing others in public restrooms, then chances are that the homosexual could be high on drugs like meth. Lesbians have also harassed others in bathrooms.

See how lesbian Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt sexually abused a 14 year old girl in a public restroom, homosexual groups exploited kids to rally for a lesbian who had sex with a 14 year old girl in a public bathroom and people harassed the victim’s parents for calling the cops. She had no business having sex with a minor and she had no right to do indecency in a public bathroom. If an adult wants to do homosexual or lesbian conduct with other knowing and consenting adults in their own home or apartment and not harass others about it, then it’s their life, though it’s harmful behavior.

The parents did the right thing calling the police to report this sex abuse and for people to condemn and harass the parents for doing this is wrong. She again had no right to be having sex with a minor and she had no right doing it in a bathroom. For homsexual groups to get children to rally for Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt after she sexually abused this minor girl is wrong-exploiting children for causes.

Daily Kos and Huffington Post are apologists for gays & lesbians who commit sex abuse It‘s no surprise that Judy Shepard, corrupt ex cop Greg Joseph Miraglia, Laramie Project and Big Island Chronicle‘s Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt see nothing wrong with Florida lesbian Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt committing sex abuse on a 14 year old girl in a public bathroom & are against this lesbian going to jail for what she did to this teenage girl.

Gay/lesbian groups are predictable and side with gays or in this case a lesbian no matter what wrong the lesbian does. Though most gays don’t have bathroom encounters, gay groups think it’s OK for gays& lesbians to have sex in public bathrooms & are against cops arresting gays who do these things. What’s sad are the kids who are rallying for Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt sexually abusing a 14 year old girl and again Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt admitted to having sex with an underage girl in a public bathroom.

14 year old girl is the victim here because as Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt’s the adult, Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt has no right to be having sex with a 14 year old girl. It’s evil to use kids to rally behind a person who again has sex with an underage girl in a public restroom because again, the bathroom isn’t the place for having sex-when people can’t see anything wrong with this indecent exposure, then there’s something wrong with the people. Most likely, adults urged kids to rally for Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt & that is wrong-using children for propaganda. & harassing the victim’s parents because they reported this crime is wrong.


Gays/lesbians do not support pedophilia I have no idea where you got these bias claims but they are all lies. Just because one person does something you discriminate a whole group? Your just an ignorant troll.


Psychologists can be dishonest & deny what they know is true as we see with psychologists dishonesty on childhood sex abuse & homosexuality. If a child is repeatedly sexually abused, then it's more likely he will do gay activity in adulthood vs. if he wasn't. Since homosexuals and lesbians (transexuals) often suffered childhood sex abuse, no surprise that homosexuals and lesbians think childhood sexual abuse is OK when homosexual activities.

Never have I heard straights blame childhood sex abuse for reasons a man has sex with a woman and fathers children with her. Yet sometimes have heard gays and lesbians say childhood sex abuse is reason they do same sex behaviors. Sex abuse in youth can cause people to behave in ways. It not controversial to talk of nightmares, suicides, bed wetting often a result of sex abuse in youth. Yet when 1 talks gay/lesbian behaviors in adulthood because they learned this sexual behavior by being repeatedly molested, then gays with politically safe psychologists complain. The politically correct psychologists who deny this know possible for a boy to turn out gay as a result of childhood sex abuse, yet deny what they know is true. Of course, not all who are sexually abused in youth become gay in adulthood-but the risk is higher. Anybody who denies the link is dishonest, delusional or both.

A kid can become a mugger by living in high crime neighborhood, seeing muggings in childhood and learning this conduct. Yes, there are muggers who were not raised in high crime neighborhoods but still became muggers, but that does not rule out other causes. Many emphysema victims did not smoke and were not exposed to 2nd hand smoke and got emphysema due to bad genes but it would be dishonest to deny truth that if a person smokes, he or she is more likely to get emphysema. Some people get emphysema because they have bad genes and some people get emphysema because they smoke tobacco. Then there are people who use tobacco their whole life, but do not die of any tobacco disease because they have good genes. But it’s better to not use tobacco. Not all smokers get emphysema, but if you smoke, you raise your risks of emphysema.

Think posters who call me ignorant, idiot know that sex abuse esp. repeated childhood sex abuse raises risk of a kid turning out gay/lesbian by copying conduct they learned from being ruined by gay and lesbian pedophiles, but they can't rebut other than get offended. You can call me ignorant,idiot, etc., but there's nothing any1 can say to change my mind on this. People who deny truth between sex abuse and later homosexuality/lesbianism are dishonest.


My parents were gay/lesbians and I'm not gay I'm straight and I grew up in a high crime rate neighborhood well I live in a low crime neighborhood now so your facts been debunked and you aren't being truthful about everything you said.


I grew up in a high profile neighborhood now I live in a very low crime neighborhood still in college but my parents were gay and I'm not gay I'm straight and I'm not a smoker. Your claims are bias and ignorant and incorrect. Your just lying to yourself because sex abuse doesn't cause people to turn gay or into a lesbian. They either are or they aren't you can't just pick and choose your sexuality you just know it. You can't just go from liking girls one day to liking guys the next day then liking girls the following day because it doesn't work like that. Also gays and lesbians are not pedophiles I know plenty of gays and lesbians who are not pedophiles so and some of them even have kids and their kids aren't gay or lesbians their kids are straight. Sure your gonna say they been sexually abused and will turn into a gay or lesbian in the future but trust me they won't they will find out their sexuality when the time comes your bias claims are all lies and your just being dishonest with yourself.


with breast implants, if they disappeared, then unless it's reconstruct surgery for a woman who has had disease, I wouldn't lose sleep over it & don't care 1 way or the other. Most men want a woman with real boobs, than operated boobs. I don't care 1 way or the other about tattoos, body piercings & what you describe. If they disappear, then so be it. Incidentally, I'm neutral on abortion such as if it can be predicted an unborn baby will be deformed, then if mom wants to abort, then it should be her right. But I know the view of pro-lifers & if they want to go through legislative process to make abortion illegal, then so be it. I support birth control but am against sterilization surgeries. I support fertility treatments and I support In Vitro Fertilization.

I am not a Christian but there are topics where I agree with Christian groups. I agree with Christians on the dangers of gay/lesbian agenda and there are many non-Christians and even some atheists who agree with Evangelical Christians. With homosexuality, if knowing and willing adults want to do gay/lesbian conduct, then its their life. Homosexual/lesbian conduct is bad for health as smoking is and needs to be marginalized like smoking is. They must abolish sex change maimings. I’m against sex changes for the same reason as I oppose trying to make a White person Black or viceversa because they think they were born of another race. Sex changes are a sad waste of science. Sex changes happen because science knows how. If they knew how to change skin color, Drs. would be making the same justifications for changing color of people who think they are of other race as they now do for sex changes. it doesn’t take an expert to know that hormone shots + the maiming surgery damages the body. Transexuals have antisocial personalities.


But what if theres a real woman who has fake boobs because of cancer or because she wanted a bigger boob size? Hadn't thought of that did ya? I disagree with you everything about the transgender agenda since it's a blessing to have. But I do agree with you on the changing the color of skin issue. Trans racial I hope that never becomes a thing.


With hysterectomies, if it’s to save a life, then that’s 1 thing. Many to most hysterectomies can be avoided but are done for money. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/287736.php
Too often a Dr. will recommend to a woman that she needs a hysterectomy though it’s not needed and too often, people accept what a Dr. says without challenging.

Medicine is a business like other things. For eg. if you go to a mechanic or car dealer for car service, sometimes the mechanic will recommend that you get your spark plugs replaced, get new tires, etc. though they’re not needed for your car. They do this because they want to make money and the more expensive the repairs or replacement, the more money they make. Medicine for the same reasons is a business. Too often Drs. recommend surgeries & medicines though they are not needed. They do this for money.

& they’re doing these maimings mutilations on kids such as giving puberty block drugs. Surgeons who do these mutilations don’t care about the harm it does but they care about money. Then they make justifications for why to do this to kids. I don’t expect these mutilations to go away soon, but the dangers of this must be told.They must abolish this surgical mutilation.
1 would hope that feminists would oppose the mutilation that happened to Chastity Sun Bono as feminists have spoken against Female Genital Mutilation which happens in some nations. Transexuals are mutilations which no Dr. should take part in, yet most feminists are not condemning this female genital and breast mutilation as what happened to Chastity S. Bono where her healthy breasts were mutilated, dangerous hormone shots and her genitals mutilated.


You have a disturbing obsessed with other people's genitals and seem to think it's your business how other people manage their own health conditions. It's not. Also, when someone legally changes their name, that becomes their name. That goes for trans people, too. There's really no excuse for refusing to even use a person's proper name because they're trans and you have a problem with that.


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