With Three Tweets President Trump Cruelly Threatens Trans Service Members With Rank Discrimination

In a series of tweets this morning, President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced a cruel and dangerous reversal in policy on transgender individuals serving in the military. Claiming that “[o]ur military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory,” Trump falsely suggested that transgender individuals were too costly and disruptive to continue serving.

The announcement came as a surprise to everyone, including, it seems, the Pentagon.

Stop Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Service

In fact, just a year ago, the Department of Defense ended the ban on open transgender service, explaining:

“This policy was crafted through a comprehensive and inclusive process that included the leadership of the Armed Services, medical and personnel experts across the Department, transgender Service members, outside medical experts, advocacy groups, and the RAND Corporation.”

Apparently that extensive work over many years and across many areas of expertise was reversed in a matter of minutes — over Twitter.

Indeed, contrary to Trump’s suggestion on Twitter, retired Adm. Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified in Congress just last week that inclusion of transgender individuals in the military promoted readiness and caused no disruption or cost. He explained that “[t]he military conducted a thorough research process on this issue and concluded that inclusive policy for transgender troops promotes readiness” and urged Congress “to respect the military’s judgment and not to breach the faith of service members who defend our freedoms.”

Congress ultimately rejected a proposal to ban health coverage for transgender servicemembers and dependents. As Mullen noted, “Thousands of transgender Americans are currently serving in uniform and there is no reason to single out these brave men and women and deny them the medical care that they require.”

This is not about cost. This is not about readiness or a strong military. Today’s announcement is about targeting, demonizing, and endangering a group of people who are risking their lives every day for our country.

To the thousands of trans people currently serving in the military and to the thousands more who love and support them, we will not stop fighting. If the military reverses its existing policies protecting trans service members in response to the president’s tweets, the ACLU is ready to act.

Contact us if you want to explore your options.

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Can we ban idiots from the WH?


Well, we *can*, Anon, but we have to do it on Election Day, and it takes some coordinated doing. So I hope everyone is getting organized for 2018 and 2020 NOW.


Yes please and soon!

Joaquin Carlos ...

This is another abomination sample from the Putin vassal Manchurian occupant of WH. It started w/"birtherist" libel against Pres. Obama and it should have ended his rise but the Russian plot was well underway then to install their stooge as POTUS. The Manchurian occupant is to the US as Lenin was to Czarist Russia. It is in keeping w/Bannon calling himself "Lenin" (actually a political bacillus) "deconstructing" the existence of this constitutional government. The Manchurian regime and its self deluded clueless minions are like the Hitler/Mussolini pathogens looking for right "Petri dish " conditions for growth of their mental gangrene programs. I have a message: all of us have a choice either we are with Patrick Henry or Benedict Arnold- on whose side will you be on before they come for you?


I have a difficult time understanding why the only criteria for a position in the military is not solely based on your ability to do the job. I do not see why gender or anything else should be part of that decision (it is not relevant to whether you can perform your duties as assigned). Trumps statement violates all labor laws that I know of....why would this not apply to the government? If the military actually reverses its existing policy please fight this. Thank you.


WTF! If a person wants to serve in the military it should NEVER MATTER whether that person is straight, gay, bi, trans, male , female! Come on America, we need to support our troops, ALL of our troops!


So you have a transgendered family member, friend, neighbor, fellow-worker, etc. and you voted for the trumpass-bully........Well, bully for you....oh yeah, for those souls also...'cause that bullying will filter down to them in their everyday lives........you must be so fucking proud to have voted for a bully........good job, bully for you (and yours!).....

Anonymous Profe...

Mr. Trump has a broken calculator, it would cost three lousy pennies per year per U.S. Tax Payer for transgendered medical care in the military.

Another fact glaring: Sexual Orientation (transgendered) is decided in-utero by hormonal imprinting at a critical stage of the gestation process most likely the third trimester...thus immutably organic, biological and rooted in nature before and at birth and has nothing to do with upbringing or social environment...


What will stop the Native American TWO SPIRIT[1][2][3] (feminine spirit, masculine spirit) i.e. Berdache from practicing their religion under the Religious Restoration Act while serving in the U.S. military?

[1] Estrada, Gabriel (2011). "Two Spirits, Nádleeh, and LGBTQ2 Navajo Gaze" (PDF). American Indian Culture and Research Journal. 35 (4): 167–190. 2011 doi:10.17953/aicr.35.4.x500172017344j30.-

[2] "A Spirit of Belonging, Inside and Out". The New York Times. 8 Oct 2006. Retrieved 28 July 2016. 'The elders will tell you the difference between a gay Indian and a Two-Spirit,' [Criddle] said, underscoring the idea that simply being gay and Indian does not make someone a Two-Sprit.

[3] Anthropologists and Two Spirit People: Building Bridges and Sharing Knowledge
Sandra Faiman-Silva Bridgewater State University


The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, Pub. L. No. 103-141, 107 Stat. 1488 (November 16, 1993), codified at 42 U.S.C. ... § 2000bb-4 (also known as RFRA), is a 1993 United States federal law that "ensures that interests in religious freedom are protected."


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