With Three Tweets President Trump Cruelly Threatens Trans Service Members With Rank Discrimination

In a series of tweets this morning, President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced a cruel and dangerous reversal in policy on transgender individuals serving in the military. Claiming that “[o]ur military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory,” Trump falsely suggested that transgender individuals were too costly and disruptive to continue serving.

The announcement came as a surprise to everyone, including, it seems, the Pentagon.

Stop Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Service

In fact, just a year ago, the Department of Defense ended the ban on open transgender service, explaining:

“This policy was crafted through a comprehensive and inclusive process that included the leadership of the Armed Services, medical and personnel experts across the Department, transgender Service members, outside medical experts, advocacy groups, and the RAND Corporation.”

Apparently that extensive work over many years and across many areas of expertise was reversed in a matter of minutes — over Twitter.

Indeed, contrary to Trump’s suggestion on Twitter, retired Adm. Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified in Congress just last week that inclusion of transgender individuals in the military promoted readiness and caused no disruption or cost. He explained that “[t]he military conducted a thorough research process on this issue and concluded that inclusive policy for transgender troops promotes readiness” and urged Congress “to respect the military’s judgment and not to breach the faith of service members who defend our freedoms.”

Congress ultimately rejected a proposal to ban health coverage for transgender servicemembers and dependents. As Mullen noted, “Thousands of transgender Americans are currently serving in uniform and there is no reason to single out these brave men and women and deny them the medical care that they require.”

This is not about cost. This is not about readiness or a strong military. Today’s announcement is about targeting, demonizing, and endangering a group of people who are risking their lives every day for our country.

To the thousands of trans people currently serving in the military and to the thousands more who love and support them, we will not stop fighting. If the military reverses its existing policies protecting trans service members in response to the president’s tweets, the ACLU is ready to act.

Contact us if you want to explore your options.

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Sue this is unconstitutional!


ACLU is probably raking in the money with this announcement since transgenderism is the PC left's favorite bandwagon cause these days.


And you're probably mad about it. Too bad.


Trump is doing for the ACLU what Obama did for the NRA.


Mr Trump is the PRESIDENT. The silent majority put him in Office! People seem to forget no matter his loud comments beliefs or the way he said he would govern! That was what the people wanted! He was wanted because he was not part of the pathetic Republican establishment! Mr Ghram. Watch your remarks. The silent majority are turning against you and the rest of you established sickening republicans! You are are turning on our president! To the republican traitors of Mr. Trump! And the silent majority! Get with the Presidents Agenda! The silent majority dont care what you loud mouths have to say! What is cared about, are you pathetic republicans not standing behind this president and working to get his agenda pushed through! Stop wasting valuable time! A democrat was not voted president! Stop supporting their agenda and coming against Mr. Trump! That includes getting rid of obamas agenda! Appeasing transgenders by waisting military funds to do it with! Republican establishment! You are pathetic and you are traitors!


The military should offer college tuition or a cash payoff when completing the four years, then people can do what they want after their service, not during.


Well, too bad. How can you follow a stupid fool?


Silent majority? I believe he lost the popular vote.


The military isn't an equal opportunity employer, they can and do employ prejudice with great effect. They reject people for hundreds of reason because their job is warfare. Anything else is a distraction. Being a member of the military isn't a right but a privilege given to the few not the many. I served for over 22 years and every other vet I know feels the same way. This has zero to do with civil rights and everything to do with military readyness and culture. Other country's militaries are less discriminating but they aren't the US Military (yes you Canada); the most advanced, well trained, and lethal military in the world.


"This has zero to do with civil rights and everything to do with military readyness and culture." Our military is ready, trans persons are harming no one. Get off your high horse, I was in the military and find no problem with this issue. But you lifers...


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