Transgender People Aren’t A Threat To You

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have witnessed an escalation of anti-trans rhetoric, which is saying a lot for state legislative season that has fixated on where trans people go to the bathroom.

Amidst the vitriol and lies being thrown around about trans people, I worry that a few basic principles have been lost.

Here are five things to remember when talking, writing, or thinking about trans people:

  1. The existence of trans people does not threaten the privacy of anyone else. We exist, and you may be uncomfortable with us but discomfort with difference is not the same as infringement of privacy.
  2.  Trans women and girls are women and girls. Full stop. They are not “biological males” or “men pretending to be women” or some other hateful qualification. Same is true for trans men and boys being men and boys.
  3. Extending legal protections to transgender people, including when it comes to using restrooms and locker rooms, does not threaten the safety of anyone else. This has been proven time and time again despite the ongoing rhetoric to the contrary.
  4. Policing of gender or genitals in restrooms is bad for everyone. There is no way to enforce anti-trans bathroom laws except by exposing us all to intrusive questioning about our bodies, our gender, and our government documents.
  5. Anti-trans laws are not about restrooms, locker rooms, safety, or privacy but about expelling trans people from public life. Those most impacted by these laws have been and will always be trans people who are already subject to the most policing and violence – particularly trans women of color.

Unfortunately, conversations about trans people often end up repeating harmful lies put forth by groups that have long worked to destabilize support and protections for LGBT people. When we repeat and reinforce these lies, we contribute to the social and political context where trans people face harassment, arrest, and violence for simply existing in the world.  

We must look behind the rhetoric that claims that protecting vulnerable trans young people is somehow threatening the safety and privacy of non-transgender women and girls.  

As a coalition of every major sexual assault and domestic violence organization in the United States explained in statement opposing anti-transgender laws:

“These initiatives utilize and perpetuate the myth that protecting transgender people’s access to restrooms and locker rooms endangers the safety or privacy of others. As organizations that care about reducing assault and violence, we favor laws and policies that protect transgender people from discrimination, including in accessing facilities that match the gender they live every day.”

In defense of North Carolina’s anti-transgender law — HB2 — and in opposition to the Obama administration’s claim that the law clearly violates federal anti-discrimination law, the lieutenant governor of North Carolina issued the following statement:

“To use our children and their educational futures as pawns to advance an agenda that will ultimately open those same children up to exploitation at the hands of sexual predators is by far, the sickest example of the depths the Obama Administration will stoop to ‘fundamentally transform our nation.’”

There is no agenda being advanced here except the movement to ensure that no group of kids is needlessly the target of bullying and harassment by lawmakers or others in their communities. By allowing young people to have access to the full educational opportunities available to their peers, we do not open children up to “exploitation at the hands of sexual predators.” That is precisely the lie that organizations working to end sexual violence have dispelled.

If we are concerned about predation in bathrooms, we should worry about young people of all genders and take steps to understand why and how adults in power — like former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, to choose just one example — exploit their power to hurt young people in their care.

But sadly, none of this is really about protecting children. This is about demonizing difference. And we should call it out as such, instead of pretending this is a reasoned debate between two sides about where people should go to the bathroom. 

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Fran Stewart

Damn straight! It's usually VERY easy to identify the trans woman in your locker room. She's the one who's the quietest, most deferential person, and the one who tries not to stare at anyone else, and the one who changes by herself in the least-occupied corner--the one who doesn't WANT to be seen, who wants to do her bit and get out.

Because she's grateful to be there.



Sandrine Ageorg...

Truly an excellent article, thank you so much!


Interesting that you say "Trans women and girls are women and girls." The fact that you must prefix it with "trans" shows that you recognize that there is a difference. Does a trans woman aka man have a uterus or ovaries? Can they raise a baby in their womb? Can they breast feed a baby with their fake breasts? Do they have periods every month? No of course not. Your statement is ridiculous.

It's sad that our society thinks that gender confusion is healthy. We need to be compassionate with people who are confused about their gender and help them through whatever it is that's causing this confusion - not encourage them to live out their delusion. What happens to all these people who make major modifications to their bodies and years down the road the truth sets in - that it's impossible to change genders. Where's society going to be for these people?


Yet there are many millions of women who don't have a uterus, periods, ovaries, the ability to bear children, mixed chromosomes.... Are you willing to tell them they aren't women, too? What makes you think gender is so simply binary? God created infinite variation and told us to love them all, not just the ones like you.


I don't have a uterus anymore because mine tried to kill me, and I have been infertile all my life. Many women have fake breasts due to breast cancer. Your statement is harmful. Your "concern" for the future of trans people also seems a bit misplaced. They would probably feel a lot better about themselves if people like you didn't keep yelling at them to tell them they aren't "real" and they are just confused and deluded.


Can all cis women bear children? Are all cis women born with a uterus? Please be educated before being hateful.


These policies harm women and girls. Women are being shouted down, silenced with screams of bigot! When we try to talk about this issue.

Chase Strangio opted out of womanhood or so he believes and preaches to the rest of us about how we must participate in the delusions of all manner of sick men by allowing them into private spaces while we are at our most vulnerable.

Chase, you and the men you defend are the epitome of liberal misogyny. I have discontinued donating to the ACLU over this issue.


Amen and God bless you!!


So, I guess a trans-Atlantic trip is not an Atlantic trip, right?


Stay Informed