USA Today: Beyond 'Gay Marriage'

Today's USA Today includes a personal essay by the ACLU's Joel Engardio. Marriage equality is in the courts, the legislature, and the media more than ever before, but "Beyond 'gay marriage'" reminds us:

At its heart, though, it’s often just about two people trying to get the world — indeed, even their families — to recognize and understand their love.

Read the essay here.

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Joel: That was one moving article. I have two sons and each knows that they are free to love, marry, etc. anyone who makes each happy. I trust that you're doing well, keep up the great writing.

Concerned Citizen

I always thought our government ran by the Will of the People, its seems like you would prefer it to be for the chosen few. Too bad that one or two don't want to hear a prayer - I don't want to hear their anti-christain beliefs but they seemed to be rammed down my throat all the time.


So if the ACLU is so in support of marriage being an equal institution for all, than why in the name of all that is holy and unholy did the ACLU endorse a biggoted anti-marriage-equality referrendum proposal in the District of Columbia? I don't buy a word of what you people write on this site after hearing about your support of letting the people vote against civil liberties!


The ACLU is exactly what is wrong with our country. I am not a conservative nut like many out there, but damn you guys are really NUTS!!!!


Unfortunatley Gay people will never be allowed to have a marriage acknowledged by God. God made man and woman to marry. That can and will never change. Civil Unions are not a marriage. Sorry.


If homosexuals want to be together, so be it, but to change a tradition observed all over the world (marriage= 1 man and 1 woman = children = family) is a lack of common sense. The American people are bending over backwords for the gay community. Most Americans believe that a homosexual lifestyle is okay as long as homosexuals do not interfere with the solid frame work of family. To redefine Marriage as an institution between 1 man and 1 man or 1 woman and 1 one woman aside 1 woman and 1 man just does not make sense. The government and the courts should wipe their hands of this issue. The minority (homosexual activisim) is just that, a minority! Americans do not want to find their young children choosing to be a homosexual at the age of 13 just because it is the in thing to be. Can we keep American values and principles simple and sensisible? Study after study show that children need both a mother and a father in their life. And studies also show that homosexuality has been linked to childhood abuse and mulestation as a possible reason for the growing homosexual population. Of course, the deteritoration of what "family values" means can also be a culprit.

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