Bill O'Reilly: The New Face of Stop-and-Frisk in New York

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The stop-and-frisk section starts at 1:58.

Bill O'Reilly thinks it is "hating America" to be concerned about a racially-biased police tactic that has stripped more than 2 million New Yorkers of their dignity over the past five years.

Bill O'Reilly thinks it is "hating America" to question the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a program in which nine-out-of-10 people who are stopped and interrogated by police are completely innocent and let go without any charges or even a citation.

Bill O'Reilly thinks it is "hating America" to demand that the NYPD treat all New Yorkers with fairness and dignity in their quest to keep the streets of our city safe.

That doesn't sound like hating America to us. That sounds like standing up for equality and justice – sounds pretty American to me.

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I never knew it was hating America to oppose racial profiling. Or that all criminals are black. Unbelievable. This is a new low, even for this guy.


"Stop-and-Frisk" is just the tip of the iceberg. Average, law-abiding citizens are being stalked and psychologically terrorized all across this country, but victims of these crimes are written off as "delusional" or "crazy."

What is taking place is an organized, covert movement that is designed to quell dissent and silence those who have been targeted for harassment. I beg the ACLU to try to get to the bottom of an insidious, sadistic practice that is quite literally claiming the lives of some of its victims. As long as these operations are allowed to continue, we are all in jeopardy.


The A.C.L.U. loves what's best about America,what O'Reilly would love is a police state.

Nicol Spann (member)

When did it become "American" to not question the actions of our government? Bill O'Reilly apparently has never familiarized himself with the ACLU. He calls this organization anti-American, when in my book the ACLU is one of the last organizations attempting to maintain America and her foundation the Constitution. I will continue to question my government and the actions of its vocal citizens like Bill. Without a free exchange of ideas I would wither under the brute calloused opinions of people like BIll. I am thankful he is there to illuminate how far we as America still have to progress.


1. Racial profiling=saving Americans' lives
2. NYCLU=against racial profiling
3. NYCLU=death for Americans


Okay, so according to Bill O'Reilly, the notorious phone sex pervert, since 69% of victims claim their assailants are black that gives the police the right to stop and frisk any black person? Well, I wonder how many of those claim their assailants are also men? Probably a lot more than women, right? Well, following the same argument all men must now be stopped and frisked simply for sharing the same gender as the majority of those who commit violent crimes, even if they themselves are not one. Hey Bill, that puts you in the category! Tackle him before he rapes your daughters!!!

Jason Wilder

Fascinating, should be interesting to see what this turns up!

Nicole's Realit...


You are delusional if you think the ACLU is "attempting to maintain America and her foundation of the Constitution". They pick and choose which parts of the constitution they want to defend. If they defended all parts of the constitution then I would support them but they typically only defend left wing issues. Sure they have the token defend some KKK idiot but by and large they go with cases the undermine the true Americans and their value systems. When have you ever seen the ACLU defend issues surrounding the 2nd Amendment?


I'm hopeful that the ACLU will protect the rights of the folk at Tea Parties in Kentucky that read the Constitution as much as they protect terrorists and their supporters. The former seem to be considered by the gov't as the "real" enemies.


From an outsider, I would be hard pressed to visit your country and I have family living there. A police state is already present in America but not acknowledged. Between forced passport papers and on site proof of citizenship, periodic searches at any time, Home Land Security (worse organization / best cover up ever) and a 'greedy mentality' by government, corporations, and citizens (capitalism at it's finest), not forgetting the branded 'go to war over what we want' mentality it maintains even after a recent election. Sometimes you need a comment from the 'outside' to realize how far off the path you have gone.


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