International Monitor Sees Faces Behind the Numbers

On Wednesday, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Mr. Doudou Diène, continued his tour of the U.S. with a stop in New York City.

Mr. Diène began the afternoon by meeting with civil society groups that work on issues of child welfare, policing, and criminal justice. Representatives from the New York Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Fortune Society, Justice Committee, Concerned Citizens for Family Preservation, Parents in Action, Child Welfare Organizing Project and People United for Children participated in the meeting.

A common thread that emerged from the discussion was the ongoing criminalization of people of color in New York City. This criminalization takes place in the child welfare, education, and criminal justice systems. Several speakers, including Fola Campbell of Concerned Citizens for Family Preservation, Sharonne Salaam of People United for Children, and Jessica Sanclamente of Justice Committee, noted that the trend now extends to criminalizing increasingly younger children of color.

Student Chelsea Fraser and her mother, Diana Silva, testified about then 13-year old Chelsea's arrest last spring. Chelsea was arrested at her Brooklyn middle school for writing the word "okay" on her school desk. She described the humiliation she endured first being arrested in front of her classmates, and later being ridiculed by police officers when she was handcuffed for hours to a pole in the precinct. Even now, Chelsea said, her classmates mock her over the arrest.

The decision made by Chelsea's school administrators and school safety agents to discipline her in a humiliating and traumatizing manner violates several human rights principles concerning children including the Convention on the Rights of the Child requiring school discipline to be administered "in a manner consistent with the child's human dignity." Along with Somalia, the U.S. remains the only U.N. member country not to have agreed to be bound by this Convention.

Mr. Diène then toured Harlem and the Bronx and met many more New Yorkers, among them housing and immigration advocates. On Thursday morning, he attended a public hearing at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. People who testified at the hearing included the mother of Sean Bell, a young African-American shot to death by New York City police officers in 2006, who addressed police violence; pastor Melvin Wilson of the large Saint Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church, who spoke about the historical roots of racism; and Esmeralda Simmons, Executive Director of the Center for Law & Social Justice at historically black Medger Evers College, who spoke about education. The meetings and hearings put faces on the statistics and anecdotes that demonstrate the U.S. government's almost total non-compliance with its international human rights obligations.

One of the avenues of relief for victims of racism we learned about was the important but often over-looked process of filing individual complaints with the United Nations. As we look to our government to join the rest of the world in an international dialogue on issues of race, we must also take the opportunity ourselves to participate and use this mechanism to tell our stories and address the issues impacting our communities.

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Anecdotes and case histories are worthless as a proof of anything, whether in science or in politics. We all know what can be done with statistics. So what is the meaning of all this? We know there are outrageous acts committed by the police. That is true in every country in the world. We also know that is not a general policy of police departments. So, what's your point? Are US police departments better or worse than any other country's police? Are US Education Administrators better or worse than education administrators in any other country? Can you point to a peer-reviewed study that says it is so? Nah. Just manipulated statistics and biased anecdotes. As long as we're dealing in anecdotes, how's come we don't hear any anecdotes from the teachers of these students? Oh. Those would be, by definition, RACIALLY BIASED anecdotes and we would want them.

Is racism dead in the USofA? Nah. Is it any better elsewhere? Nah. Should the UN run the US? Nah.


Should the US respect the concerns of its own citizens instead of writing them off as mere anecdotes? Um...Yeah.

Should the strive to be as just and fair as possible and not just be not better or worse than other countries? Um...Yeah.

Is it possible for something to be factual without appearing as a study in a peer reviewed journal? Um...Yeah.

Should the US invite the input and recommendations of an international expert on racism and intolerance in order to help make our society more just? Um...Yeah.

Should the US ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child? Um...Yeah.



The fact that racism exists elsewhere in the world is not a good reason to refuse to take action to prevent it in our country. Although it is true that we do not need the UN to "run the US," there is nothing wrong with seeking the opinion of the world body as to how we well we are doing in complying with the obligations of international agreements which we have freely accepted. If you are not willing to accept either anecdotal or statistical evidence of racism then what is the point of investigating or analyzing anything?


This is more than "seeking the opinion of the world" today. This is allowing the UN, not the best body for judgment in the world, to establish standards for us that may or may not be realistic or appropriate. That is accepting ONLY anecdotal evidence that supports whatever world view you wish to push and displaying statistics that support this same worldview. I can get anecdotal BS and statistics from the NRA and the KKK. Is that ok?

Basically, all I see here is apologists for minorities. Which part of this requires that minorities rise up and take back their communities, support their schools, run the druggies out of their neighborhoods, and demand quality education?

There IS no part that requires that.

R.C. Huffman




“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

Declaration Of Independence…July 4th, 1776.

For those of you who have yet to read my first book “Wasted”, this is the Third book in a series of 3. Wasted was written during a period of 14 days in which I did not sleep, and was soon to be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. That all began on September 11, 2001. A day which we should never forget! It took me until July of 2007 to send out 30 copies to musicians or people I admired.
It is now April of 2008, and I am slowly recovering from my series of unfortunate events. I had to skip book two, which covers several “episodes” with bipolar. Either way, I have continued to have ideas, plans, and things that would help every American, and for that matter….the whole world. Again I will attempt to unload these thoughts and ideas and pray that for the love of God and Family someone might take time to listen. I leave you with these final moments from my book “Wasted”.


Some say to wish upon a star… get what you desire!
That the breaking of a wishbone……might set life’s chances higher.

No rubbing of Alladin’s Lamp… heads or tails can see.
There’s nothing wrong with dreaming…..but that’s just not for me.

A wise man once did tell me……he sang it in a song.
It takes money in this world of ours…Dreamer’s don’t last long


It is no small wonder, that our Government is not really looking out for the “People”, it is just our elected officials can’t just focus on one thing! As my main man Spike Lee wrote…..DO THE RIGHT THING! It is no small wonder, that we have the problems we have. The Economy, we’ll talk about that! Healthcare costs, prescription cost, Social Security, we’ll talk about that, too! But if we really get down to it, think it through……we’ve got even bigger problems than that! If the Government would pass laws made to benefit the CHILDREN…..a lot should get done. Homelessness, poverty, education, race relations, minimum wage, taxes, ….I’ll get to that too! The dilemma for me is where do you start. Our problems, your problems. I was told there is strength in numbers, which is why I am writing this book. I know I’ve said this before but, my grandfather once told me “I’ve had ideas and dreams my whole life, I just could never do anything with them.” Before his passing, I promised him that I would make him proud. And since this is probably the only promise I have yet to break……I will not give up! We all know the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” Either way, I started this journey letting you know what I think…..the best way I knew how. So enjoy the ride!

SIN by R.C. Huffman

You wonder where I’m going… wonder where I’ve been?
Let’s take a little time out…..I’ll tell you this again.

Nestled in my armchair……looking outward in.
Everyone’s gone crazy…..this world is full of sin.

Television, radio….this nation must be mad!
Homelessness and Hunger…..boy…that sure is sad.

In God We Trust…’s surely cliché.
Heaven or Bust…..that’s what I say.


With gas prices at all-time highs, along with healthcare costs, prescription costs, Social Security… I said “where to start”. The economy is effected and affects every aspect of Life in America. It effects every working mans wallet(and woman’s purse). The economy is evolving while the people are really clueless as to what the so called leaders are really doing. The corruption and greed imbedded in so many people, because of our culture…..,has taken society as a whole backwards in it’s evolution. Men speak of intelligent design, they speak behind closed doors…they whisper their intentions, and then speak their lies. Ultimately…..this must change. People must change! For if our elected official have become blinded by their fortune and their fame….they must go. If our elected officials operate on a wink, instead of a handshake….they must go. If our elected officials spend religiously, and denounces God in Government….yet claim to be Christians…they must go. If we would only Put GOD back into Government…..well I bet things would get done. We have many who have given up on GOD. And then many who are what people in the know call “Weekend Worshipers”. America is not bad, just portions of it. I know…my past has been haunting me for 37 years. Not Bad, just rough around the edges. We are the disenfranchised, we are the People of this country. If we want to change things we can….we just have to do it together! Time can be a friend…..or a foe.

Move You Over By R.C. Huffman

Things sure aren’t pretty…..except for pretty poor.
I’ll help out….. if you’ll let me……please show me the door.

We’ve got to move you over…..your time’s been poorly spent.
It’s time that you move over…..and then you should repent.

Elected by the people……disguised behind a mask .
Hiding indecisions……move over I do ask.

Your time was spent untimely…..Your will was way to weak.
Your soul was sold to early… you wish to speak?

Exposure is an answer… answer to a prayer.
Greed is like a cancer… show us your dispair.


As best I can see, the values, principles , and beliefs that this once strong nation adhered to, and stood for have deteriorated to the point of collapse. If not for the honor of our fallen, if not for the appreciation of our soldiers, if not for our children…..then who for? We have homeless people all over this country! We have starving children all over this country! We have problems with race, with religion, with the family bond! And we have a right as a citizen of the United States to just STAND UP! To say that enough is enough, to say that were mad as hell….and we’re not going to take it anymore. I started writing this edition to make a point. There are too many things wrong with our country, and by gosh we need to fix them. Before it’s to late!

Wake-up Call

It’s absent from your papers……it’s absent from our minds.
We breath in deadly vapors…..we’ve all become so blind.

No doubt that we have faltered……just look, just listen in.
From streetlamp to the alter……life’s game we cannot win.

Wake- up, wake-up, wake-up…..get back into the race.
Break-up, make-up, stand-up…..tis such a sad dissgrace

You’ve failed as our elected……your leadership’s in question, too.
Do you rest easy in your easy chair…….tell me this ain’t true.

If your decisions were dissected……your choices lives affect.
Wake up, wake up, wake up………it’s time to REDIRECT.

I sometimes think people that have the “highest intelligence”….have little intelligence at all. We have experts in every field imaginable, and to think that they can’t come up with a solution……puzzles me? So it has to be one of two things. We have the ability to do things to help every working person in this country, for that matter, every person in America…, woman, and child. Or we have the ability do those things and choose not to. Our government makes those choices… it is their fault for our shortcomings…..I suspect. I seem to think it boils down to several problems. Greed for money…..greed for power……greed for material things. It all boils down to greed. You can’t tell me any other reason. Our economy is evolving while we are devolving…don’t think so. Well think about this?
We, the people, must all start to pay a bit closer attention to what is going wrong. Let’s start at the top…nah! Let’s start at the bottom! Our country has failed us all. Take a close look around. Homelessness…yep! Poverty…..yep! Hunger…..yep! That’s where I’ll start.

HOMELESS by R.C. Huffman

Is this not America…..this country held so high.
Is this not America…..please tell me it’s a lie.

On streets across this nation… rooms without no doors.
People have no shelter…..has this happened once before?

I can’t seem to get it… makes no perfect sense.
Homeless in America…..little help to them is lent.

They preach of all the good in man…..but I am seeing red.
No doubt there is answer…..for this this line I bled.

Take a moment there to ponder
Take a moment… see the sign.
Don’t just stare and wander.
Lend a hand, maybe just a dime!

Believe it or not, we could fix this problem. With the money we spend on ill advised government programs, with the money we raise by donations, with money spent on wars. There is a solution…..a true government overhaul in spending! A overhaul on taxes, immigration reform, increase in minimum wages, etc. See some people think that certain problems are complex and require much thought and foresight. Well, it is a lot simpler than that. If we want to fix our problems with homelessness, hunger, poverty….we have to fix our economy. We have to fix the way we look at things….to much talk and not enough actions. As I go through my plan for economy, I will take a moment to discuss some of our problems as a whole. If I tend to bounce back and forth from topic to topic…..we’ll in the end you’ll understand why?
If I were to tell you that our government blows more money than GOD, would you understand? If I were to tell you we could eliminate taxes for couples making under $100,000 per year, would you believe it? If I were to tell you that the minimum wage, and all wages are not in line with life in America……would you agree? As an example, I did my own research paper on Minimum Wage in America. Of course, I didn’t graduate from high school so it couldn’t be right……..right? So let’s go…..failure of the minimum wage system in America….yep! When you look at my facts, I assure they are facts…..been there done that! Rather than use the current Government mandated wage, I chose to use an Single adult making $8.00 per hour. Before you ask, this paper also shows why children must continue to live with their parents. Before you ask, this paper will show why Poverty, Hunger, Healthcare Costs, Gas and other aspects of our Economy effect everything. That is why our Government has failed in over 16 issues related to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….but for now let’s look at my report.

War on Wages

We wage wars on countries……we wage war in name of God.
It’s time we war on wages……and on officials prod.

To prod, to poke, to snoop around.
To see what we might see!
A joke, a nod, a whisper
Then we might be free.

As times keep getting tougher… days pass….. with such regret.
We must pay our earners wisely…….to help them out of debt.

So in the midst of evils… the midst of corporate greed.
It’s time we got a pay hike…..we have mouths to feed.


Let us make some assumptions. Assumptions that our leaders might like to hear. Either way here we go….Eight dollars an hour doesn’t go very far. So let’s see what it takes to live the American Dream….better yet let’s see what it takes to be self-sufficient. Let’s say we live within 15 miles of our place of work. Let’s say our car gets 30mpg, and gas is three dollars per gallon. You commute 5 days a week. And God forbid, we never go out to eat or take any trips. And God forbid if we get sick or need prescriptions.

SHELTER: One bedroom apartment $400.00
FOOD: Breakfast, lunch, dinner for 1 month $150.00
PHONE: Land Line only $ 25.00
CELL: Optional, but not really $ 35.00
CABLE: Basic only $ 35.00
CAR: Need reliable, affordable transp. $150.00
CAR INSURANCE If your lucky! $ 55.00
GAS TO WORK Just to work and back $ 90.00
CLOTHES: Gotta have them. $ 25.00
HEALTH COST: Let’s hope your employer pays… $ 20.00 Co-pay
INTERNET: Optional, but not really $ 20.00
TOILETRIES: Men/women average mthly + $ 25.00
$ 1030.00

Now although, there are several variables that can be attributed to this cost break-down, we can see what happens when you get your paycheck. For ease of understanding, let us say that you have the standard deductions from your pay check. You know social-security(joke), medicare, and our favorite…Federal income tax. By the way, I will discuss those later. So simple put here is your so often called take home pay!

40 hours worked X $8.00 per hour = $320.00 per week

$320.00 per week X 4 weeks = $1280.00 per month before taxes & deductions



Salary Paycheck Calculator for a single person claiming one deduction in North Carolina

Weekly Gross Pay $320.00
Federal Withholding $22.90
Social Security $19.84
Medicare $4.64
North Carolina $13.00

Net Pay $259.62

So how does it look now! Well, not that great! Let’s just figure that you come home with $260.00 per week after taxes. We all know that would be $1040.00 per month, which would allow an $8.00 per hour employee to at least exist. So will say, they have a car. Okay! Some will say they have no need for the internet. Okay! Or maybe you don’t need a cell phone. Okay! What about cable television, why not cut that. Okay! Just remember….this scenario is @ $8.00 per hour. And just remember, gas prices will only continue to increase. And maybe think about the fact everything in this country is going up with the exception of wages. Our children are living with their parents longer, our young adults are returning home because they just can’t make it on their own. So many hopes and dreams are shattered because our leaders just don’t have a clue. Even worse, they have a clue but just don’t care. They bog us down with so much, they put restraints on us with out concern. And to think, minimum wage is what!

FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE 3 step increase is scheduled as follows:

$5.85 - Summer of 2007
$6.55 - Summer of 2008
$7.25 - Summer of 2009


Although this may sound a bit corny…..Houston, we have a problem. The rhetoric from both parties of government, Republican and Democrat, bogs down progress. The rhetoric from leaders talking about change has become just that, RHETORIC. One change in the policy of wages would begin the long journey to repair. It would trickle down to every working man or woman. It would increase employee confidence, it would increase moral and give hope to tens of millions of Americans. Coupled other changes in the way our government works, the ECONOMY would begin to recover. Tax reform, Education, poverty, war! They all have to be put in place. As we go along, you may here my very own version of rhetoric. The difference is I am not in anyone’s pocket, not funded, just one man. So let’s keep it rolling. Next up……TAXES!


I don’t know the reason….I don‘t quite know why.
But when it comes to taxes……it seems that people lie.

At first I felt they cheated.
And then I heard the news.
America are you seated.
We have been abused.

Were taxed from all directions.
Were taxed, that’s tired too!
After much reflection.
What are we to do?

Many owe those agents,
The dreaded IRS.
And with this picture painted
I think it’s such a mess.

So come along this journey
Let’s see where it will lead.
The tax man he may cometh.
For him I plant this seed.

Marvin L Foushee

Lawrence Alvin Lovette, Jr., was arrested for the murder of the Eve Carson, the President of the Student Body of the North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and looking at the pictures of Lovette and the pictures of the suspect that the police said was using Eve Carson's ATM card, the only physical link that linked the identity of Lawrence Lovette, Jr., with the identity of the suspect in the bank video surveillance camera was the fact that they both had the same negroid noses. All other features indicated that these two people were two different persons. It is getting to the point that there are no investigative reporters willing to search out the truth in a high profile murder case of a white person. Put a oversize cap on a jailhouse felon with a negroid nose and tell him to hide his imaginary goatee and his imaginary dreadlocks from the ATM police video, and you can frame another black person with only the evidence that both have negroid noses—simply because people do not believe that local and federal politicans can be that corrupt to kill a white person in order to get a Republican installed as the new chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Better take a new look at the tapes of the World Trade Center voodooing down, niggers.


I live in Chapel Hill so I can tell you that the average resident here would have been willing to string up anyone who was implicated in the murder of Eve Carson. I can't say if the guy did it or not but I guarantee he can't get a fair trial anywhere in North Carolina.

However, I don't understand the connection between that and the new Chancellor. Are you suggesting that Eve Carson, as Student Body President, somehow had the authority to determine the selection of Chancellor?


well that individual complaint procedure does NOT work at all !! we sent one in dec 2007 on the independence of judges and laywers and have yet to received acknowlegdement

read more here

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