John Holdridge on the Tom Joyner Morning Show

Capital Punishment Project (CPP) Director John Holdridge was interviewed on May 8, 2008, by Jacque Reid of the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS). The TJMS is one of the most influential programs on urban radio. During the segment called "Inside Story with Jacque Reid," John discussed the inherent problems of racial biases and disparities in the United States capital punishment system. Ms. Reid spoke about the release of Levon "Bo" Jones, the 129th person freed from death row since 1973, and a client of the ACLU CPP.

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Though there may be a number of deathrow inmates who were wrongly convicted, there remains a multitude who DO deserve to die and are nothing but a burden on society. Keeping them alive serves no useful purpose except to increase the amount of taxes, police, and government necessary to sustain that segment of the economy. Furthur, I am in favor of execution in the same manner as the death they caused. If their crime was inhumane, then their death should be the same.


When I was a little, white girl, growing up in Jacksonville, FL in the 50's, there was an armed robbery in our neighborhood.

My dad, an honorably discharged WWII vet, was picked up and put in a line-up; an eye-witness swore my dad was the perpetrator.

The 'reason' my dad was subjected to this humiliation was because he had a decades old juvenile record!

My dad was blue-collar, a welder in a union, all his life; and if he had not been working at the shipyard w/about one hundred other men that night, our family would have been devastated!

It's not difficult for me to recognize the racism and classicism rife in this country; what is so sad, is that, if anything, it's worse than ever!


How can we decide who deserves to die? What if you were the inocent person wrongly accused then subjected to death by torture? Death by injection is inhumane for the executed prisoner who being paralyzed cannot shout out in pain! Was this method and error or intentional?

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