Louisiana: Act TODAY For Sensible Prison Reform!

Tomorrow, the Louisiana House will vote on House Bill 138, which would give individuals age 60 or older the right to a hearing before a parole board. The board could then determine whether these individuals can be safely released. In a state that imprisons more people than any other state and where life sentences are increasingly imposed without the possibility of parole, this bill would be a step in the right direction and would save the state a considerable amount of money without negatively impacting public safety.

If you live in Louisiana, TAKE ACTION NOW to let your legislators know that you believe elderly people in prison should have the right to a hearing before a parole board to present their case for release. Tell them it makes no sense to incarcerate people who pose no threat to public safety.

One of the most outspoken people realizing that many of these elderly folks don't need to be locked up is Burl Cain — the warden of Louisiana State Penitentiary, the largest prison in the state. Watch a video documenting the plight of the elderly in one Louisiana prison, featuring Burl Cain calling for reform:

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Bills like H.B.138 are a good, common sense step toward ending the incarceration epidemic in Louisiana and across the nation.

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Desmond Geronimo

First sympathy for those in jail and with a life sentence are there because of their inability participate as a law abiding citizen in which they have caused harm either to themselves and others with no regard for goodness. Secondly I do not want any of my tax dollars supplementing the prisoners in any way! Yes there may be the few that should not be there in prison; but that is where the importance of ones family comes in to intervene as I hope my family would do for me. I have been to visit a friend in LA county jail and was not impressed with the attitude of inmates no wonder they get beat by security. Funny thats what they do to innocent people when their on the streets. What goes around comes around. And what makes us think that when released they won't commit another crime-killing ect. What is the success rate? And if there are thousands in jail what does that tell us,"There doing something wrong." Therefore in jail you starve-die unless prisoners figure out how to go to work produce income to feed themselves and work. With the organizations today protecting wrong doing is pampering individuals that do not deserve the privilege . The prison system should be self sufficient and for the elderly looking back do you think you would of done things differently? I do I'm not perfect. Then maybe we should start and begin anew and teach the younger generations what they ought do! Like Paul in the bible he chose his path and from there is where he must do his lords work. And yet without my tax dollar our schools need the money. As I would say the same about politicians wages. Amen

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