Maryland Commission Calls for Repeal of Death Penalty

After four months of study, the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment has called on the state to abolish the death penalty. In a 13-to-7 vote, the Governor-appointed commission concluded that capital punishment carries the “real possibility” of executing innocent people and is far too costly, with each death penalty case costing about $1.9 million more than a similar case in which the prosecution seeks a sentence of life imprisonment.

The commission also found that the death penalty harms survivors of homicide victims, is racially, geographically and economically biased, and does not deter crime.

The group includes prosecutors, lawmakers, clergy, law enforcement officials, a former death row inmate, and family members of murder victims. The repeal recommendation will be contained in a 110-page report presented to Governor Martin O’Malley, who opposes capital punishment.

Let’s all hope that the Maryland General Assembly does the smart thing and votes to rid the state of capital punishment.

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If a loved one was raped and brutally murdered, I don't care how much it cost, I would want them dead.

Seriously, with the technology we have now, how could we possibly convict an innocent person?

This is one of the only issues I disagree with the ACLU on.


I agree with the fundamental principles of capital punishment, but until it is equal for all classes and races of people, we must quit.

I also believe that it is essential that the ACLU, if it believes it name, must fight to get equal access to lawyers for everyone, including the victims, and society.

Their fight for justice must include tough sentences for the guilty, and freedom for the innocent. That also goes for illiminating technicalities form releasing guilty parties.

Until justice is equal for all sides, the word has no meaning.

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