New Mexico Abolishes Death Penalty!

Tonight, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed HB 285, Repeal of the Death Penalty. He said in a statement:

Regardless of my personal opinion about the death penalty, I do not have confidence in the criminal justice system as it currently operates to be the final arbiter when it comes to who lives and who dies for their crime. If the State is going to undertake this awesome responsibility, the system to impose this ultimate penalty must be perfect and can never be wrong.

But the reality is the system is not perfect – far from it. The system is inherently defective...Innocent people have been put on death row all across the country.

The ACLU applauds Gov. Richardson for taking this bold step. John Holdridge, Director of the ACLU's Capital Punishment Project, said in a statement:

“Gov. Richardson’s decision today to sign the bill abolishing the death penalty in New Mexico is a historic step and a clear sign that the United States continues to make significant progress toward eradicating capital punishment once and for all. Gov. Richardson’s courageous and enlightened decision should send a powerful message to other states, governors and Americans about the need to take a hard look at our error-prone, discriminatory and bankrupting system of capital punishment. It is a system incapable of ensuring that innocent lives are not unjustly taken. It is a system plagued by racial, economic and geographic discrimination. And it is a system that police chiefs, criminologists and statistical experts around the country agree does not deter crime. Gov. Richardson deserves enormous credit for acting in the best interests of the people of his state and the people of this country.”

Thank you to everyone who flooded Gov. Richardson's office asking him to sign the bill!

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Vic Lvingston



TO: President Obama, c/o Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod; Atty. Gen. Eric Holder; Asst. AG (designate) Tom Perez [staff, please forward]

RE: Ongoing, nationwide, federally-enabled vigilante "community gang stalking"

Mr. Holder:

The innocent but apparently "targeted" U.S. citizen who authored the articles linked below cannot leave his home without being relentlessly stalked, tailgated, menaced and harassed by organized community stalkers, equipped with networked GPS tracking devices apparently keyed to his vehicle and cellphone.

Many of these vigilante stalkers appear to be affiliated with federally-funded community watch groups and public safety units such as fire and police departments, and drive publicly-owned or subsidized vehicles.

When he does leave the house empty, there often are signs of surreptitious entry and vandalism when he returns.

The author also maintains that he is subject to the effects of so-called "directed energy" weapons and devices which have been deployed nationwide under a DOJ program.

This, sir, is domestic torture, and I can personally attest to the fact that it is ongoing and relentless.

Local and federal authorities have said they see "nothing to investigate." The author believes that is because they have extensive knowledge of this vigilante activity, and choose to let it happen.

This vigilante community stalking protocol is the local component of an array of federal "programs of personal financial destruction" which use methods and tactics ostensibly legalized under the pretext of the "war on terror" to decimate the financial well-being of "targeted individuals" and their families.

This is a social genocide -- or politicide, since many of the victims seem to be targeted for their political or personal beliefs or their ethnic heritage.

Mr. Holder, an American Gestapo is denying untold thousands of Americans nationwide their civil and human rights. The rule of law appears to have broken down in communities nationwide, including where I live in Bucks County, PA.

Please restore civil liberties in America by taking immediate action to dismantle the officially-funded and countenanced "extrajudicial targeting and punishment network" that appears to be an outgrowth of federal programs known to your staff.

The links:

OR (if links are corrupted / disabled):

US Citizen

Abolishing the Death Penalty is the dumbest decision in the world. These killers on Death Row have no remorse or respect for life. The only time these monsters have remorse is in front of a judge or a governor to save their own life. They have no remorse for their victims and the victims families. LWOP only causes repeat and more capital crimes. These Death Row inmates will be in the general prison population influencing other criminals how to kill innocent people. States are letting criminals out early already, these killers will be out soon, LWOP is a joke. ACLU thank you for making the street of the USA more dangerous. The $90 million dollars to house death row inmates will go to repeat offender cases. The ACLU cares more about criminals than innocent people.

US Citizen


You continue to ruin our country with your one sided, liberal agenda. You want crime to subside, then eliminate the vermin from society and stop treating criminals with respect. They are criminals by their own right and don't deserve crap. The ACLU needs to be abolished. You are a joke! Start frying these animals and we will save money and keep the quality members of our society safer.


Awesome news! Welcome to the 21st century, New Mexico!


I would appreciate it a great deal if Mike and U.S. Citizen would explain to me how executing innocent people will make society any safer?


first mike and u.s. citizen have the right idea, what i dont understand is hwoever said they were innocent people (paen). and also i am certain if you killed a cerial killer or a rapist the world would be a little better, instead of letting them waste our tax money by feeding, educating and taking care of them.

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