Ohio and the Death Penalty

Check out this great editorial the New York Times ran over the weekend, highlighting the longstanding problems with Ohio’s death penalty and calling for an end the practice throughout the country:

Governor Kasich should instead listen to Ohio’s senior Supreme Court justice, Paul Pfeifer, who helped write the state’s death-penalty law as a legislator and has called on Ohio to abolish what he calls the “death lottery.” It is time for every state with the penalty on the books to outlaw this barbaric punishment.

We've blogged about problems with the death penalty in Ohio before.

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It's weird that I support the ACLU in almost all of their efforts, except that I also think the death penalty is a fitting punishment for people that have done terrible things. How is that possible? I don't even know...


i would ask the freinds and family of four murdered in 2006 mother father and daughters who were 4 and 8 if they agree with your stance on capital puncishment.


Do some reading. Many victims families and friends do oppose the death penalty--it just doesn't have the emotional impact of vengeance.

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