Public Opinion Shifting Against Capital Punishment

As we blogged recently, the American public is changing its mind about the death penalty. The biggest news is coming out of Maryland, where Gov. Martin O'Malley is pushing for a bill repealing capital punishment to be expedited through the state legislature. According to some accounts, the house has the votes to make it happen, but the senate is where it might stall — as it has in years past. Still, abolitionists are optimistic that the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment's report, which recommends that the state repeal the death penalty, will provide state senators with the political cover they need to finally push the bill through.

Yesterday, former Montana state court administrator Jim Oppedahl wrote an op-ed in the Helena Indpendent Record about the numbers behind that state's death penalty process: Twenty people have been sentenced to death since capital punishment was reinstated in 1974. Of that 20, three have been executed, two remain on death row, and the sentences of the remaining 15 have been overturned "after many, many years of reversals and retrials" — and its millions in associated legal costs. Oppedahl concludes: "When I think back to my work as a court administrator, charged with making the courts run on far too few resources, I find these numbers both staggering and offensive."

Colorado's Daily Camera had more details yesterday about the bill we mentioned before that would repeal capital punishment in that state. It's estimated that abolishing the death penalty would save state and local authorities approximately $4.5 million per year — money the bill would direct towards solving cold cases.

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F You

Is this the website for American Criminals and Losers Union? I can't believe this country has gotten so sorry that you people actually want to support the rights of losers that should be killed(those on death row) and those who shouldn't be here(illegal immigrants) Face it losers Prop 8 passed, you lost. California used to be a great state until the liberal democrats and illegals started moving here. Now it is the 5th dumbest state in the country. Pretty soon this country will be a 3rd world country with you people around. My friends & I laugh at how sad this country has become.

liberal hater

Once again, I smell bullshit. Liberal bullshit to be precise.

Liberalism is going to destroy America. Just once I would like someone from the American Criminal Liberties Union to defend the victim of one of these murderers instead of the murderers.

By the way if your basing this crap on public opinion then lets see you be fair and base gay rights on public opinion. If you did that then gay rights would be non-existent.

Phyllis M Gogerty

Why don't we send Rush Limbaugh to Gitmo,he could heat the place with his hot air,he could open a radio station with the call letters-RLBS and he wouldn't even need a microphone. He is full of it to his eyeballs,that is why he is so fat. If you stick a pin in him he would go up in flames. Pmg

Against the dea...

Just once I wish that all the ones that say they are speaking for the victims would STOP! Speak for yourself! If you are a victim then say so! Don't jump on the killing bandwagon just because it seems to give you some kind of an excuse, or any other bandwagon either! If you are not a victim or a family member then you don't have to live the rest of your life with the decissions that you say that you are making on behalf of them and they in fact may be totally opposed to your point of view so you are trompling all over them. What is right about that? If you want the death penalty say it for yourself, say I am not a victim or I am a victim, but I want this, not do it for them or think about them. What you are doing is not thinking about what the real victims intentions or needs or wants are, you are thinking only of yourself so since that is so have guts enough to say so! Don't make the victims have to carry the burden for what you want, okay!

Jarnco Voice Of Conservative America just visited your blog


Please help the hard working women of Lafayette College. Six women have come forth to stop sexual harassment at the college. The pervert responsible for sexually harassing these women was sentenced to 18 months probation in a plea bargain. How could such a plea bargain be available this scares me. The man accused of the harassment is basically walking away untouched. He got his rocks off for years at these women’s expense. This man was put in a position to protect the college, its employees, and its students. Below are the local newspapers links to the articles. Please help these women return to there jobs. These women were scared to come forth because the man responsible carried a gun and must have had some kind of connection with college considering he worked there for 20 years. Lafayette is trying to sweep this under the rug and its working. I hope the ACLU can help these women and make it known that these type of actions will not just be swept under the table.,0,2728419...


i believe the aclu is the absolutely wrong organization for the hard working honest persons of america. As a mater of fact we dont care if a prisoner is eating a peanut butter sandwich or is overcrowded. You as the aclu promote violence because the prisoners have it too easy. As a hard working american i think a rapist should get their nuts cut off. A murderer should pay for their crime m with their life. You are holier then thow to think that the criminals have a right to go out and ruin another life. may god be with you if you think your on a path to heaven oh wait you dont believe in god why dont you all pack up and move somewhere else . Or maybe we can sue you all for the lives you have ruined by letting criminals escape with a slap on the wrist. As far as im concerned the aclu is the worst thing this world has ever seen.


th...I am curious. How do you feel about the notion of cutting off the hand of a convicted thief? Removing the tongue of a blasphemer? Any thoughts about the people who have been proven innocent after spending years in prison?

Red White and Blue

I can't believe all the left wing, liberal, communist loving pigs that belong to the ACLU.

I just heard there was a contest to rename the ACLU.

Here are two:
ACLU - Anti-Christian Liberal Union
ACLU - American Communist Liberal Union

I wonder if OBAMBA is a card carrying ACLU member.

Samantha *** Santi

I think that capital punishment it completly and morally wrong,Its still killing a human being,its almost like say..a person kills another dudes wife and the guy wants to get revenge and kills him too get back at wouldnt be any differnt the government shouldnt be able to take another persons life,


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