Troy Davis Day of Action Next Tuesday

On May 19, 2009, there will be a Global Day of Action for Troy Davis sponsored by Amnesty International.

As you may recall, Davis awaits execution in Georgia for a crime of which he is almost certainly innocent. Davis was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of Officer Mark MacPhail, an off-duty police officer. There is no physical evidence and no murder weapon has been found. The only evidence against Davis is the testimony of witnesses. Seven of the nine nonpolice witnesses have recanted or contradicted their trial testimony. Of the two witnesses that did not recant, oneis an alternative suspect.

Davis has come close to being executed several times even though evidence of his innocence has never received a hearing in court. If you are interested in attending a Global Day of Action event or would like more information, please visit Amnesty's Troy Davis Day of Action page.

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Daniel D

I am getting calls from 619-801-8133, 619-801-8130, 619-801-8146, 619-801-8141 claiming to represent the ACLU and calling me after I have repeatedly asked that they stop calling me. The ACLU should not be working with this type of organization.


They are calling and calling me also. I am a member of ACLU, but lately the aggressive tactics such as this are making my rethink my contributions. They have even called twice today, Sunday!


Same here. I am over ACLU's way too intrusive fund raising tactics. They have been calling me non stop for months.

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