Volunteering for Execution at Ely State Prison

The ACLU National Prison Project has filed suit in Nevada because the abhorrent medical care at Ely State Prison. This prison houses all of Nevada's death row inmates. Ten of the last 12 people executed in Nevada waived their rights to appeal and "volunteered" to die. It is likely that the lack of medical care at the facility is directly connected to the high rate of volunteerism in the state. ACLU Capital Punishment Project Staff Attorney Brian Stull discusses this issue in a podcast (MP3).

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Kathy Owen

Hello, I just found this article done on Ely State Prison as I was searching the internet looking for more info on my ex husbands death. I needed to inquire about a death certificate of my late husband for Veterans Admin. purposes, and today I finally recieved the death certificate in the mail from Vital Records in Nevada. It shows Joseph Biondi died back in January 1990 as he was DOA to the emergency room in Ely. Joseph was serving time in Ely State Prison, in which he should have been released, and as to why he was still there was beyond me. He was on insulin shots and required them each day.
I am looking at the death cerificate and it's showing he died of Acute Myocardial Infarction which was a cause of Diabetes Mellitus. Was there a autopsy done?..NO Was the case referred to the Coroners?..NO Was he Creamated?..YES
The date of death shows January 20, 1990
I think you need to add another inmate to your list as this seems like a medical malpractice to me. I have called the Prison asking about him and trying to give me some information as to what happen..they refuse to return my calls or email and I have heard nothing.
Joseph had no family, everyone is dead. He has no children, and the only thing he did have was me.
We divorced as it was his decision for the divorce as he felt it wouldn't be fair to me to be married to a man that I could never have. He felt he would be in prison for the rest of his life for a crime he didn't commit. The guy who did it finally confessed to the murder, but Joseph felt the they would still hold him responsible in some way. He was suppose to have been released.
If you would like to add him to your list..you have my permission.
His booking number was #17916- Joseph D. Biondi

Thank you

Kathy Owen

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