World Day Against the Death Penalty

Tomorrow marks World Day Against the Death Penalty, and it is only fitting that a global call was issued to abolish the practice. We join the ambassadors of the European Union (EU) who gathered today to call on all nations to abolish the cruel practice.

Ambassador John Bruton, the head of EU delegation to the U.S., stated: "The EU not only considers capital punishment to be cruel and inhumane, but it also fails to deter criminal behavior and represents an unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity. Miscarriages of justice are inevitable in any legal system – and any miscarriage of justice that results in the death penalty is irreversible."

In a statement released today, John Holdridge, Director of the ACLU Capital Punishment Project noted:

The need to end this barbaric practice is underscored by the fact that eight men were released from death row in 2009 and that new evidence has come forward that a man executed in Texas in 2004 could not have set the lethal fire for which he was condemned to die, meaning that an innocent man almost certainly has been put to death at the hands of the state.

The death penalty remains the penalty of the poor. The practice is plagued by many problems, including racial and geographic bias in the decisions to try cases. Recently, the ACLU presented a statement before the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation of Europe (OSCE) in Warsaw, Poland, highlighting the human rights violations that plague the death penalty system in the U.S.

The U.S. needs to end this practice, in order to restore our country's standing and image in the world as a beacon for human rights and democratic values. The ACLU calls upon President Obama and the 35 states around the country that still permit the death penalty to put an end to this costly practice that does not make us any safer.

Learn more about the ACLU Capital Punishment Project at:

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Christian Ameri...

To get rid of the Death Penalty is like giving the rest of us the Death Penalty. When haineious crimes are commited (which is not a small number), you cannot expect the taxpayers to pay for those people's incarceration for the rest of their lives. That would be more expensive than keeping the Death Penalty. Prisons would definately be over crowded and it shows others that you can commit violent crimes and not suffer the worst punishment "death". It all comes down to this: When people stop believing that God exists and that He sent His only Son-Jesus to die for our sins so we can live eternally with Him and that we need to Repent from our sins and to live for Christ, then all Hell breaks loose and we will continue to have these problems. Our own history show that in 1910, those who migrated here were converting to Christianity and the crime was almost non-existent. It was at the point to whether we should still have a police force. Learn from our history and the history of mankind as it is written in the Bible.

No Money

Don't do the crime if you can't handle the punishment. The ACLU should help America rid the expense of housing and providing for prisoners of such viscous crimes. Reduce their rights to appeal court decisions. This Country can no longer provide free housing when so many good American's do without proper shelter, food, and health care. The ACLU needs to reconsider their position unless a prisoner can provide sufficient evidence for review.

Liberal Hater

Liberals and especially the ACLU go out of their way to protect 1st degree murderers on death row. These guys are the worst of the worst and should die with the same fear and agonizing pain that their victims suffered. Now here is the irony of the hypocrisy that comes from liberals. They protect murderers while at the same time they take away that same protection from helpless babies who have scissors stuck into the back of their heads and their brains suctioned out or they have acid poured on their helpless bodies all in the name of reproductive rights.

I mean this is the insanity of liberalism. Liberals worry about murderers feeling a little pain but they love it when babies are subjected to horrific agonizing deaths.

Hell was created for lowlife scum liberals like this.

this is bullshit

there may be flaws in it but it can be refined before you abolish it. many of the people that get put to death deserve it completely.yes it is tragic to the few that didnt but that dont add up to the many that did.if it is completely done away with then oue jails will become even more overcrowded & since u damn pussies think that these scum-of-the-earth deserve the same treatment as free citizens then taxes will become even more outrages because hardworking, law abiding people will have to pay for the privleges you people think that criminals deserve when most of the people paying for it cant afford it themselves. it makes me sick to see all you cry baby liberals whining about protecting the minorities and the criminals but dont give a shit about the MAJORITIES.stop all your damn crying because its turning this country and its people into weak bitches.if you got rid of the death penalty then the cruelest & most sinister muderers,rapists,etc. will, once convicted, probably live a better life in prison than the did when they were free & that is just STUPID.GROW A SET OF BALLS & STOP WHINING ABOUT "HUMAN RIGHTS." the way i see it if you do something & get convicted of prison time then you have just forfieted your rights as a citizen because you failed to abide by the laws set in place for citizens so i personally dont give a shit if there are 30 people in one cell. they chose to break the law & they should have to suffer consequences.


As long as people do not pay heavily for their crimes (death penalty, etc.), they will further push the envelope of crimes committed. If you cannot be sentenced to death for murdering someone, then tell me: What is the difference between killing 1 person or 20 people if each penalty is a life sentence? Yes, you can only apply the death penalty once, but you no longer incur the costs, which are paid as much by the victims' family as the regular public, of caring for the prisoner, with the added benefit of knowing that they can never duplicate their crime. And if you can prove to me that I do not incur any such costs of holding the prisoner, or that no accused murderer has ever been or will ever be set free to repeat their crime, then I might, just might even think about the implications of allowing someone to live, even though it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that he knowingly and willfully took the life from another person. And in case you don't fully understand the impact of that last sentence: The victim was neither robbed from to recoup, molested to heal, or anything they could forget; they were PUT TO DEATH. And if there is one thing no one knows for certain, it is about what it means to be dead - be it a chance at redemption in heaven, aimless souls wandering the universe, or the eternal nothing of no longer existing. What is certain, however, is that this is a crime which the victim cannot come back from. Do you understand? The victim CANNOT EVER RETURN to their lives, their family, their way. To this planet and the humans on it, they are NO LONGER EXISTENT, except in memories, and that is not enough; never, ever will that be enough. No, I will not honor any 'thing' that is "against the death penalty", until you can eradicate murder and wrongful deaths from this universe. And guess what, you can't.


Did you just delete my comment?


Ever notice that those who claim that big governement can't be trusted also want to give the same governement the right tio execute people.
Maybe these folks should think through what they are saying rather than just parroting Fox News and their T.V.evangilsts tell them.


I think that we should have death penalty for the people who make more crimes,which can't be forgiveable.But death penalty is not only the solution for the crimemaker to get rid of him.There should be certain boundary in this act.


ACLU, go to a 3rd world country and preach what your preaching here and see what kind of response you will get. Let's get rid of the Death Penalty, close down all the prison's, and let the criminals out in the street, and give them their rights back!! ACLU, the first time one of these criminals attack you, rob you, kill someone you love, then lets see what your response will be. These laws were in place for a reason, "to keep America safe".

queen b

Yes, I believe that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. If you look at the facts, has the death penalty stopped or deterred future vicious crimes, NO! So, has it purpose been served. I believe in an "eye for and eye" but vengeance is God and he shall repay. I believe that the death penalty is an easy way out for the perpretrators because they don't have to suffer with the acts they committed. They no longer have to face the victim's family, and they no longer have to comtemplate on the consequences of their actions. Taking another life will never compensate for the senseless and inhumane act of murder nor bring the person back. Yes, family might feel some sort of relief that their love one's death did not go unpunished but in reality you still will harbor the hurt and pain knowing they are not there with you anymore. I believe those who commit murder should work out the rest of their days supporting the family with dog labor. Eventhough, that still might not deter future crime but it prevents us from acting as God.


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